Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Taurus – Wednesday 20th February 2018

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Taurus – Wednesday 20th February 2018

Themis 5782
Mars conjunct Ras Algethi - Acting to see justice prevail 

Contrary to the previous few days, this one with the Moon in Taurus promises to be a really busy and fluctuating one. The Moon in Taurus makes us much calmer than the past couple of days, but we still won't appreciate too much change or disruption to the plans that we want to carry out. The Taurean Moon wants stability to build upon, and we may get irritated if we are challenged with situations that try and force us into doing something that we are not keen on.

To begin with today the Moon makes a sextile to Mercury and a trine to Saturn. These aspect should get us organised and prepared for all eventualities, and if we need to show some authority we can do so with a calm demeanour, and we can be counted on to say the right things at the right time. We may be praised for our business like and efficient approach to things. These two planets will perfect a sextile between themselves later on this afternoon, and this aspect will be perfect for any demanding work that needs keen concentration and a good eye for detail.

Following on from this a few hours later, the Moon makes simultaneous sextiles to Venus and Neptune as these two planets combine in a conjunction. Neptune and Venus together tend to blur the lines in relationship situations, and also create idealised love that can make us fall for the most unusual people, and in particular the waifs and strays in life who fall off the rails. Existing relationships could be plunged into confusion, or you may feel that you are being duped or lied to by a partner, either romantic or professional, and this may lead to emotionally charged situations. You may not see eye to eye with others, and the stubborn Taurean Moon may exacerbate differences between those who are flexible in attitude and those who aren't. On the plus side there is a lot of compassionate energy here and we can show love and caring to those who are in trouble or require assistance, plus we can utilise our emotional feelings to create beautiful pictures, visions and ideas.
Into the late afternoon Mercury makes that aforementioned sextile to Saturn and then just before the day ends, the Moon will make a tricky little inconjunct aspect to Mars. We may be upset or angered by having to do things a different way, or by someone who changes something that we wanted to keep as it was.

Mars also make the most influential star connection during this day as it connects with Ras Algethi, the premier star in the constellation of Hercules, Ras Algethi. This is a star of bowing to a higher power, and we may be confronted by a situation where we have to compromise our position to someone of higher stature, or if we don't wish to do that we may fight against those who are trying to put pressure or impose restrictions on us. We may want to defend a moral code that we live under and we will also wants to see justice prevail, not only in our life but in others too, indeed this is a day of justice and seeing that the right decisions are found and imposed.