Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Altair - Friday 19th January 2018

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Altair - Friday 19th January 2018

Top gun
Top Gun - Venus conjunct Altair

The Moon is still passing through the sign of Aquarius for majority of the day, and we are much more logical and not so emotional as this sign is prevalent. We will want either to innovate or act in a different manner from what others want us to do, and this could see us being stubborn in the extreme, unless those around us can prove beyond doubt that their approach is better than our own one.

The Moon forms a square to Jupiter the moment we enter Friday, and there is a need for more, more of whatever you desire. It might be a late night snack or drink, one last TV programme to watch or you need to carry out one more task before you retire to bed. We wake with the Moon making a sextile to Uranus, and the need to innovate and update our lives continues. This is a connection that likes to get others to take notice of us, and we may act in a weird or unusual manner to catch their attention. Either through shock tactics or by making them laugh, we will want to make an impression. There is also a need to connect with others and to spread our ideas, our technical knowledge and political beliefs too.

Next for us to experience is a square to Mars. These can be quite tricky, especially as this is a fixed square and someone may rile us because they refuse to come around to our way of thinking or they don't want to carry out something that we need. This is one of those “put the stick in the hornet's nest” aspects that can infuriate, and because of the Moon being in Aquarius, we may react in a very obtuse manner. All the same this is a dynamic aspect too that makes us want to live in the fast lane. From then on the Moon moves onwards void of course, until it enters Pisces just before the day ends.

There is one last connection today as Venus makes contact with the main star in the constellation of Aquila the eagle, Altair. This is a dashing, brave, bold influence and one of speed and adventure, the fighter pilot's star, and perfect for the planetary energy today. In financial terms we will be in a mood to spend big in going after what we want. In love and relationships, this connection sees us going out there and making the first move. There is no holding back, no being timid or lacking confidence. There is a confident kind of vibe today where we can follow our heart's desire, and you never know, if you try your luck then you might get the girl or guy of your dreams...