Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini – Saturday 27th January 2018

Friday, 26 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini – Saturday 27th January 2018

Balls and cups
Moon in Gemini - Playing tricks on you

The Moon is in the mutable sign of Gemini all of today, a sign of communication, information and unreliability. Yes Gemini isn’t the sign you would want to depend up if you had an important situation to deal with, as they might say one thing but then do something completely different. That’s the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this most engaging and interesting of signs at work. All the same, if you want to juggle a dozen tasks at the same time, and keep on top of all of them simultaneously, then a Gemini would be the one you would call upon. Such is the frustrating, infuriating and yet useful nature of the sign of the twins. Our need today is to keep ourselves informed.

The Moon initially today forms an inconjunct to Saturn, and that lack of reliability and stability may prove to be a problem. Saturn in Capricorn is patient and calm, but Gemini energy and a lack of a stable plan will infuriate the great teacher, and we may be criticised or rebuked for not keeping our word, going off at a tangent or we might be put in our place. Luckily Gemini is more logical than emotional, so we may not be “hurt” by any put down, although we may need to adjust our ideas a bit, or talk ourselves out of a sticky situation.

The energy by the middle of the day gets much easier, as the Moon makes two nice looking trines, first to the Sun and also to Venus, both moving through the sign of Aquarius. Here are two air trines, so we can socialise, network and chat freely, and our actions will work well with our emotions and feelings. We can make good relations with people and they will appreciate our values and points of view.

You will have to be careful though as there is the proverbial fly in the ointment today. You see Venus is at 12 degrees Aquarius, and Neptune is at 12 degrees Pisces, and the Moon will aspect both at the same time. Now for imaginative purposes this is fabulous, as you can be creative, artistic, and use your feelings and senses to a high degree. There is colour and prose here, you can visualise and use intuition to amaze and mystify, and this my friends could be our problem late on today. These connections are sensitive, but also naïve, gullible, almost too sacrificial, so you can be deceived or taken advantage of. Of course, if you are the devious type, you may the energy to your advantage to dupe someone yourself. So, beware of the magician playing the old ball and cups game on you. He may let you win first up, but play 10 times and you’ll soon lose your shirt…!!