Astrology by Paul Saunders : Pisces Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Pisces Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018


These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth. If you know these details then you can find your Ascendant sign through the following link

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Once you know your Ascendant sign then I hope that you'll find these carefully written predictions will be much more accurate and informative than your normal Sun sign Horoscopes. One other tip. If you know that your Ascendant degree is 25 –29 degrees Pisces, then I suggest you read Aries instead as it may be more accurate for you.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark these pages for future reference, and to check back to see if what I have predicted came true for you. As accurate as these horoscopes may be, they can never be as spot on as a personal reading will be. If you are interested in one for the future, please get in touch with me.

Ok, so Pisces Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.

Pluto in the friendship and cooperation sector of your chart is making a significant impact on your long-range plans and the people you associate with. You will have noticed that the kind of friends you are associating with is gradually changing. People and groups with different views, maybe more intense and controversial to the ones you used to have, will challenge you and will be changing you. Through the powerful people you associate yourself with now your life will be adapting. One powerful individual in particular may be affecting you deeply and you should think carefully if they are taking you in a direction that you really need and want to go? This influence makes you likely to be part of a collective that changes society in some way however within may be ruthless people, and you should be careful of their influence on you.

Neptune is in your Ascendant house affecting you in a slightly confusing and idealistic way. Other people will see you, rightly or wrongly as rather unreliable, changeable and difficult to read. You yourself are changing the way you relate to people and though this you will be learning valuable lessons about yourself. This will be a period of your life when your feelings will be fluctuating, like the tides of the sea which Neptune rules. Your judgement may not be as good as it once was and you my get drawn into schemes or situations where you become a victim, so be careful who you associate with and make sure that their aims and promises hold up. One thing which will rise during the duration of this transit will be your compassion and your spirituality . This is a time when you will reach out your hand to others in need and give them support.

Uranus is progressing through your house of finances and values. As a result, your earning power will fluctuate, sometimes you will get an influx of income and then it will stagnate. In short, with Uranus here, your values are changing and will have been for a while now. As you grow and develop, Uranus will alter your life, albeit sometimes in a surprising manner. This is a time when you may want to free yourself from the possessions and values that you have built up over the years, this freeing up process will be easy to deal with if you accept that you are needing of some radical change in these areas of life, otherwise the loss of these things may cause you great upset. Your fortunes, material and financial may go up and down like the proverbial roller coaster and your way and means of earning a living may change too.

Saturn the planet that teaches us all lessons moved into Capricorn at the back end of 2017 and in doing so entered your house of friends, groups and associations. This encourages you to work with others, to learn the benefits of teamwork and of cooperation with like-minded individuals. Saturn here tugs at your ambitions and helps you to work out whether you are on the right track professionally or personally. You may be required to help out other people now, although you may find this work difficult and they may give you things to do that you are not keen on. They may also interfere in your work, hampering your progress. Despite the temptation to pull away and complete everything on your own, you should persist, as this is how you will ultimately be successful. This is the part of the chart where one’s hopes and dreams may be found. If you have cooperated well then you may achieve some notable gains. You'll especially notice these matters coming to the fore in mid April and the first week of September, times when Saturn grinds to a halt before turning direction, and thus increasing in influence and power.

Jupiter is transiting through Scorpio for most of the year which in your case relates to the house of higher learning, beliefs and culture. There is much potential to expand your knowledge and maturity a great deal. You maybe engrossed in books, or matters of faith, way out and unusual subjects, philosophy or psychology. This is a house of teaching too and you may be asked to or just simply want to share your expertise with those who wish to learn. Travel and cultural links are integral to this part of the chart and you could be travelling far and wide in your search for further understanding. International links may start to influence your life, as people of foreign extraction make your acquaintance. This is a superb place for those who write or publish material and matters of a legal nature may be undertaken during Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio. Expect these issues to come to the fore especially in the 2nd weeks of March and July around the time when Jupiter slows, stops and changes direction.

Right let's get into the real details of what awaits you in 2018.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and you'll be networking with your contacts, thriving in group situations and your social life should be good too. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius we will tend to drift into the background and want to spend more time working on our own and contemplating about the future. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars generally dictates where our actions and motivations are directed to, and we find it as we begin the year in your house of beliefs and higher learning alongside Jupiter. These two planets combine on the 8th January and this will open up your life to matters of diversity and travel, culture and international contacts. You'll be in a mood to learn and expand your knowledge, and you may be taking up new courses now to complement your work. You'll be forthright over faith matters and if questioned you'll defend yourself stoutly, as you will in any legal encounters too.

On 16th January Jupiter and Pluto form a sextile of progress to open out your life. Jupiter as I explained earlier is in it's natural house of higher knowledge, beliefs and culture and you'll be searching for new information and insight. This may come through a group or association that you join or are a part of through a friend who has expertise in a sector that you are interested in. This is an aspect of making new friends through cultural exchange, networking and travel. If you are dealing with legal matters, powerful friends can be of a real benefit as they can turn a situation in your favour and you can also effect changes in your relationships with your partner's family and relatives, in particular brother and sister-in-laws.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you suddenly taking an interest in something new, maybe technological, scientific or radically different. You might have to pay out for something expensive, or your values will be tested by something you learn. If you are planning to be abroad at this time, expect an unusual experience or maybe you'll have to adjust your travel plans.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and into the work sector of your chart. Your need to achieve and get positive results will be very strong and this will contribute a climate within you where you will work very hard to get good results. This position of Mars favours you being rather ego-centric and going it alone for some of the time, and it will be to your benefit if the work you have to do will be more independently based and focused rather than working in cooperation or under the auspices of a boss or senior person. The reason for this is that you will be very inclined to argue or strongly disagree with people in positions of authority; you may clash with colleagues and parents. They in turn will try to influence what you are doing, or even block your efforts and this could lead to conflict, unless you are able to compromise and swallow your pride.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This sign controls the everyday work, routines, service and health sector of your horoscope with the effect that your relationships with bosses and work colleagues will be tested by situations that test both of you. How you react to difficult situations between you in the next few months will be crucial to whether you eventually decide to change your role or employment. You'll be adapting your daily routines, changing your attitudes to people who provide services for you and also looking at your health and welfare, diet and exercise regimes and what is most suitable for you.


Overview - The Sun, Mercury and Venus all start off the month in Aquarius and your need to find a quiet corner and the desire to help others lasts until around mid month. Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 18th. During the second half of February you'll start to feel a bit more bullish, confident and willing to put your views forward to others.

Following after the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a Solar one on 15th February this time in the opposite sign of Aquarius. This eclipse will highlight matters of sacrifice, suffering, your unconscious mind and solitude and over the next few months you may have to resolve issues that have affected you since you were young. You may be more involved in charitable efforts and helping people, and connected to this you may be involved with hospitals, clinics, prisons and other institutions. Matters hidden behind the scenes and people who are working against your best interest may come to be big parts of your life between now and the summer.

The 17th February Mars square to Neptune has a distinct connection to your work life. Something may go amiss at work, something may get confused or lost, you may be misquoted or used as a scapegoat for things going wrong. There may be a chaotic feel and you won't feel in total control. Bosses may give confusing signals and you may have to ask for clarity about your role. Try to avoid working with the public as they may see you as being weak and ineffective.


Overview – Mercury and Venus both enter Aries from 6th March and from this time you'll be looking at business opportunities, your income and spending habits and defending your values. The Sun follows on afterwards into Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20th March starting a brand new Astrological year making you even more material conscious. Venus enters strong and stable Taurus on the last day of the month.

Moving into March, Mars and Uranus form a trine aspect that may also have ramifications in your work. You will be very assertive and wanting to innovate, and by taking a different line from everyone else you may get a surprise agreement, a boost in your income through a pay rise or some kind of bonus. You'll going out on a limb on what you spend your money on too. Anything fast, technological or scientific will appeal. You may not fit in with others, so try and do your own thing if you can.

On the 17th of the month Mars enters the sign of Capricorn. This is the house of friendship, groups, hopes and dreams and this transit implores you to share the load and to try and cooperate with others and avail yourself of their knowledge and experience. Mars generally wants to go it alone, but here you can utilise the help of friends, groups and associations to help you along with your ambitions, so long as you aren't too selfish and egotistical. Mars is a physical influence and any kind of team sports and joint activities will be good for you to relieve any inbuilt tension that may build up.

On the 24th March Mercury moving in your house of money and possessions. Now you'll be looking at any business you carry out and reviewing how it is going. Also under the microscope will be your cash flow, how you are earning your money and how you spend it. You might have a clear out now of possessions that you no longer need. You may be interested in things from the past to own including antiques and objects that have some history surrounding them.


Overview – The inner solar bodies now begin to split and diverge, as Venus sails ahead through Taurus expressing your values through what you say and write. Mercury stays in Aries all month as it is moving retrograde making you think more carefully about your business ideas, financial discipline and your personal values. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th just before Venus moves into mutable Gemini on the 24th April, making you interested in being at home and making it as comfortable and welcoming as you can.

It is now April and Mars conjuncts with Saturn on and around the 2nd day of the month. Your efforts could be blocked by a friend, or someone you trust may criticise your efforts. Matters in group situations may be difficult as you feel isolated from everyone else. You may want to do your own thing against the wishes of the majority. You may feel the same if you are part of a company or a team. Your ambitions may be halted and you may not be feeling the love now.

On the 14th April Jupiter and Pluto make an opportunistic sextile and matters linked to events triggered by the first contact of these planets on 16th January may resurface. Maybe you can alleviate the situation I just mentioned in regards to friends, group and the like through being more open and willing to learn? This is an aspect of gaining knowledge, and through this you'll be able to appreciate the view of others more readily. You can adjust your beliefs now and go deeper into faith matters than you have done before. You will want to get to the foundation of any subject, be it culture, law, or religion. There will be an attraction to travel to dangerous places, to experience the unknown and the unusual. There is one more connection of these planets when Jupiter is moving direct, active on and around 12th September. Mercury retrograde finishes a day later your personal reinvention should be completed.

On the 26th April Mars and Pluto combine in Capricorn and a fundamental change could happen in regards to a friend, group, association or team. There could be fight for control now, jealousy may come to the fore, obsession can divide and destroy and something will change. There could be a brutal shift in the balance of power involving friendships and associations, and these could either forge much stronger links or be split forever. There will be an all or nothing atmosphere, intense and transformational. You hopes and dreams may now be at stake and you may battle to keep them alive. Maybe it'll be best to accept that these will have to change, and that you'll have to be more realistic in the future.


Overview – The Sun is in Taurus at the start of this month and Mercury picking up speed joins it in this sign on the 13th May. This will be a busy time filled with lots of communications, journeys and appointments. Venus in Gemini is making you happy at home and you may want to entertain your friends there before Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th May. This aspect will activate your love life, your social life and your interests away from work.. The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini on 21st and 29th respectively give a secondary focus on your home life, family and keeping out of the spotlight a bit.

Into May and on the 16th of this month Mars passes into the sign of the air sign of Aquarius. For you with a Pisces Ascendant you'll feel less able to get things moving in your life. This part of the chart tends to undermine your efforts, everything you try to achieve may hit unforeseen problems, as if a hidden force is working against you. Indeed the actions of others who want to halt your progress will be working against you. The best course of action is to focus your efforts on helping others and to forgo and sacrifice personal progress now. Not only will this give you satisfaction but it will be appreciated too. Charity work, acting for social courses and giving your time for those who need assistance will benefit your ego. You may have active dealings with hospitals, places of detention, clinics and centres of rehabilitation.

On the same day Mars will square Uranus now in Taurus. This aspect may see sudden breaks and splits between yourself and friends, groups and associations, because of a disagreement over personal values. There may be splits over how to progress in a situation as one side stubbornly refuses to change, or take on new ideas and concepts. You may be inspired by new people or groups who take you in a different direction, expose you to new concepts, technology and scientific principles. This also could be a moment when you are politically active, willing to risk all to effect universal change. You may protest and fight for your rights now. The other two dates where this aspect will be in operation will be around 2nd August and also 18th September 2018.

On 25th May Jupiter travelling in Scorpio forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces, the second of three aspects (the first of these occurred on 3rd December 2017). This is a very spiritual aspect opening up your belief systems to new knowledge. There is a strengthening of personal faith now, a willing to look beyond what you previously knew, to open your heart and embrace new cultures, ideas and practices. Be careful though of being influenced by people who profess to to be spiritual, but are trying to unduly influence you into believing a concept that is false or even illegal. Whatever you are learning now, there will be no limits to what you could achieve, the sky is the limit as far as your understanding of subjects will be concerned. Your reach may extend to law, publishing, travel and other peoples from different nations and you'll be much more welcoming to in-laws too, welcoming your partner's family with a generosity of spirit. Try not to lie to officials or legal representatives as this may cause you difficulties in the future. There is one more connection of these planets after Jupiter turns direct on and around 19th August.


Overview – You will in the main concentrate on domestic issues, family matters and matters connected to the past with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and your free time activities, love life and children's matters with Venus in Cancer. Your sense of fun rises as Mercury enter Cancer on 12th June just as Venus enters Leo on 13th. This position makes you focus on health, routines, service and your daily work schedule. The Sun follows into Cancer on the 20th at the Summer Solstice point. You will want to express love now to those closest to you. Mercury enters Leo on 29th of the month.

On getting to the month of June Mars starts to slow spending more time on each degree point, and gaining in power as it does. On the 8th June it connects with the South Node of the Moon, a position linked to the past and of lessons that we already know. This is a difficult conjunction in a very psychological part of your chart. You may be dragged back into habits and actions that you used to do in the past, and that are not good for you. Alternatively a person or matter who crossed your path may come back into your life to work against you. You may be self-defeating yourself now, and this could lead you to act against your best interests. Try and work diligently behind the scenes, in the background and try and keep yourself out of controversy. This, because of the impending retrograde motion of Mars is another one of these connections that will occur three times, the other two dates being on 20th July and 26th September.

Later in the month on 27th June Mars finally reaches a stop stationing retrograde. The time around this date sees Mars at it's most powerful. This position is difficult and as I mentioned in the previous aspect self defeating. You will not be able to achieve many personal goals and whatever you do try to get going may have to be redone and revised. Try and focus on providing services for other people, giving up your ego for the betterment of others, leaving your ambitions on the back burner. You may be able to work out if anyone is trying to undermine you, and how best to counteract their influence on your life.


Overview – With Mercury and Venus in Leo you'll know that there are many tasks to get on with and you won't stop until they are completed, pride will see to that. Work matters and relationships, health and service will be order of the day. Venus enters Virgo on 10th July and you will begin to look at your relationships – things should be fine and loving between you and your partner. Mercury is slowing again before going retro late in the month. The Sun enters Leo and you may be concerned with making sure that you do a good job and that others do the same for you. Health matters, your welfare and how you feel physically will be in your sights.

Into July and there is a Solar Eclipse on 13th in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse shines a light on your creative abilities and how you express your individuality, it will examine how you show love to others, including your partners and highlight all children's matters. It will also bring into focus hobbies, sporting interests and free time activities, including anything artistic or performance based. Some or all these parts of life may be concerning you throughout the rest of 2018.

On the 27th July Mercury now in the sign Leo grinds to a halt and stations retrograde for three weeks. Now you are going to be going back over the details of any situation to see if they are correct; this will definitely apply in work situations and and you may have to redo work in some cases. You might get into debates with employees, work colleagues and bosses, over the tasks that you are carrying out. Matters of your health and welfare may be on your agenda, and you may review medication you are taking with a doctor, change a diet or try out new types of healing and fitness programmes.

On the same day there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that will reinforce the changes and issues brought to the forefront by the Solar Eclipse of 15th February in a more emotional way through relationship situations rather than through outside changes, although as this Eclipse is in the early degrees of Aquarius, many of you will feel the need to pull back and work in the background a little more. You may be involved in helping out others in social or charity work in the months to come, have dealings with hospitals, clinics, places of recuperation or detention centres and prisons. You may feel pressured by people behind the scenes who may be secretly undermining you.


Overview – Venus is in Virgo for the first few days of August prioritising relationships, partnerships and your dealings with other people before she crosses over into the sign of Libra. This will increase your sex drive and need to have intimate relations, as well as matters of joint finances, shared monies and possessions. Mercury is in Leo all month allowing you to reset work relations and get your daily routines on track. Health matters may also be reviewed. The Sun moves into Virgo and you will focus on the darker, more secretive and controlling parts of your character, as you pit your wits against those who might control you.

As we move into August we get the second of the Mars square Uranus aspects on the 2nd (see May) and following on from that event, Uranus stations retrograde on the 8th August. This will be a disruptive and chaotic period just before a Solar Eclipse where literally anything unusual could occur around us. You may hold your values stubbornly and this may cause you to come to frustrate others, you may waste money on something unusual, or a sudden expense may cost you a lot. Be careful in being tempted into backing risky money making schemes. All this occurs before Mars regresses back into Capricorn on 13th August. During it's regression into this sign you may get back into contact with old friends, re-join teams or groups that you used to be a part of or review your hopes and dreams.

As I mentioned, there is a second Solar Eclipse within a month again in the sign Leo on the 11th August. This will over the next few months examine your relationship with your boss and colleagues. Maybe you need a different role, or you may realise that you have to be more accepting of other's points of view? You may change your health and fitness routines to try and make you feel brighter and stronger. If you aren't feeling totally right, maybe it will be worth consulting doctors and medics to investigate why. You may decide to quit a bad habit, try a new diet or exercise more.

The 19th August finds Jupiter making it's third and final trine to Neptune and I refer you back to May when this aspect first surfaced. The 27th August sees Mars stationing direct and you may sense that now is a time to get plans and ideas back on track. This moment may see you starting to go full steam ahead, full of ambition and new optimism.


Overview – The month begins with all three inner bodies in different signs, however from the 6th Mercury enters Virgo and you will start to focus on relationships, talking with your partner more and seeking to enter debates with those who you don't see eye to eye with. Venus is moving in Scorpio from 9th September for quite a long time and you may have a fascination with travel and overseas places, learning new skills and extending and expanding your belief systems. You may also want to have better relations with your partner's in-laws. Mercury and the Sun enter Libra on 22nd and 23rd September and your focus on your partner's money and possessions will come to the fore.

After this involved August, we move into September and Mars re-enters the sign of Aquarius on the 11th of the month. It's almost like the last 3 months will have reset a lot in your life and if the summer wasn't the greatest, you'll at least know that you've been through the worst of things and come out the other side. A day later on the 12th Jupiter forms it's third and final sextile to Pluto, and aspect that we last saw on 14th April. Please refer back to this date for more information on how this will affect you. Mars makes it's final square to Uranus on the 18th September (first seen on 16th May) and powering forward now it connects with the South Node of the Moon for a final time on 21st September – please look back to 8th June when this aspect first appeared.


Overview – Venus remains in Scorpio as she slows down and Mercury adds to your sceptical and more inquiring nature as it enters this sign too on the 10th October. There is a need to learn and to acquire knowledge, to expand your beliefs and wisdom and to expand your cultural awareness. The Sun makes three in the sign of the Scorpion on 23rd October. You may be drawn into travelling abroad now, you may be dealing with legal issues, trying to spread your reach as far as you can. Venus moves back into Libra on 31st October.

The month of October unusually sees no major planetary aspects at all but there is one major event as on 6th October Venus slows to a halt now in the sign of Scorpio and begins a 42 day period of retrograde motion. As you will have gathered from earlier on in this guide, Scorpio covers the part of your linked into learning,higher education, wisdom, diversity, culture and international links, religion and beliefs, law and the legal system. This retrograde initiated you revising all that you have learnt over the years and recently too and working out what is valid for you now. You may fall back on your belief systems if things in your life are not so rosy and you may be thinking about the way you react to and accept peoples of different ethnicity, gender and faiths. You may return to foreign countries you visited or meet up with old friends and associates who live far away. Legal disputes and matters may have to restart or be reheard because some information is missing or is changed. One rule of thumb during Venus retrograde. It is unwise to start brand new relationships or make important decisions over finances. Try and resist the urge until Venus moves direct again, even if the situations on offer look too good to be true.


Overview – This month is very much as you were from October, with Venus in retrograde and Mercury in Sagittarius all month slowing and preparing to enter its own new retrograde cycle. It's almost as if you are putting things on hold in November before you can start to progress forward again. Venus retrograde now in Libra is allowing you to look again at joint finances, resources and things you share with others whereas Mercury is highlighting things you write or communicate or teach in regard to subjects where you have substantial knowledge. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 22nd November and this brings a new focus on your work life and career status.

As we move into November, so Venus changes signs back into Libra and briefly you'll be focused on jointly held finances and possessions, matters of debt and monies owed and how to deal with them, matters of power and control and how you should use manipulation on others, secrets which may come to light and their ramifications plus you intimate life and what you need to make it more fulfilling.

Jupiter makes a 150 degree quincunx to Uranus on 8th of the month and now you may suddenly get the urge to sign up and pay for new educational or training courses to improve your skills. You may also book up a holiday or vacation in a far off nation or have unexpected legal or publishing costs. There may be unforeseen payments, invoices or demands that you have to adhere to.

The 8th of November is a significant day as Jupiter changes signs moving into it's home sign of Sagittarius and the work and career sector of your chart. You may have chance to widen your scope and responsibilities in your work environment and if you are really lucky, you may be recognised for your efforts, through increased pay or a chance to make a step up the career ladder. You may benefit from the wisdom of your boss or of other senior knowledgeable people in your life. The international nature of Jupiter could see you have to travel in relation to your work, or you may have to deal with international links or parts of the business that you are in. In relation to the general public you may be seen now as open, wise and generous and your reputation with them may expand considerably. Jupiter however does often increase or inflate one’s ego. and you should be mindful not to be too overconfident with what you are doing or take liberties that may get you in trouble.

At the same time Uranus still moving retrograde dips back into the sign of Aries for one last time and a week later on the 15th November Mars makes a positive sextile to it. There is a slightly frustrated feel about this aspect as your best efforts to be different or to achieve your goals may be unexpectedly stopped or prevented in some regards. I think the best actions that you can do now will be to help all-comers in a kind, compassionate and humanitarian way, true to your core values. In this way and by focusing your efforts on other people you'll be able to deflect any personal frustrations into something worthwhile and useful.

On the 15th November Mars shifts into you own Ascendant sign of Pisces. Mars will remain in this sign for the rest of the year and you'll slowly begin to feel more enthusiastic, active, assertive and will be noticed far more by others around you. You will tend to stand up for yourself and your views much more readily, and if you are challenged then you will not hold back in defending yourself. Mars boosts your energy and you will be able to get much more done than normal during this transit. Fast to act and react, you may be hasty and if you are not careful you may hurt or injure yourself, Mars acts first and thinks later here. This active and dominant side will show an independent side to your character and so long as you have the space to do your own thing you will be happy to cooperate and help out others.

On reaching the 16th November Mars forms a tense square to Jupiter. This is an aspect of high confidence and hastiness and through it you may cut corners in tasks, and this may see you unable to do as good a job as you claimed you would do. You may be complacent in your knowledge thinking that you have all the answers to a situation whereas you may be found wanting when you pressed to give a detailed answer. Trips abroad may be fun, and this aspect is fabulous for adventure holidays and exploring new places. You may be enthusiastic about your beliefs and you may try and get others to follow your lead.

At this time there are a lot of changes of planetary direction and signs, and things may be a little confusing. Into the mix, Mercury is slowing to a halt in Sagittarius exactly square to elusive and confusing Neptune before turning retrograde two days later on the 18th November. Now watch out for mixed messages from work bosses and from people in positions of influence. Things might not be crystal clear and you might be confused about either your role or your potential from improving your standing and career prospects. In the same way you might make some kind of mistake making things difficult for your work colleagues. If you are doing work that needs imagination, a creative streak or intuition then this may be a beneficial connection for you. The general public may see you as a little weak or ineffectual now and not strong enough to carry out a role or task; so be careful to state your case clearly and concisely to show that you are capable. During the up and coming retrograde period, you may have cause to review your work position, work contracts and agreements. You may be rewriting documents or paperwork, or getting back in touch with old clients. There could be a work reorganisation to cope with or you may go back to a role that you used to do before. Things that you said publicly may come back to bite you and you may have to defend your views and ideas.

On the 27th November Mars making a constructive sextile to Saturn and now you can call on the expertise of friends and groups to achieve your personal goals. They may make constructive criticism to push you in the right direction and the help of others of course will be able to may your job easier in the long run. You will be capable of much hard work now to achieve long term goals and your actions may be seen as mature, organised and well thought through.


Overview – The Sun is leading the way at the beginning of this month in Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus finishing their retrograde periods. The focus on work, career and public activities will carry on up until just before the Christmas holidays. The need to connect with those you know around the world is prevalent from the 2nd December as Venus re-enters Scorpio. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 12th December bringing a conscientious approach to work tasks, making you focus on the details of any job that you have to carry out; you may have much paperwork or contacts to get in touch with. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December, heralding the Winter Solstice.

We enter December and Mercury moves back briefly into Scorpio for 4 days on 2nd December before stationing direct on the 6th of this month, ending it's last retrograde of the year. Mercury at a station in Scorpio will determine what knowledge you'll need to further your work aims, what contacts you need to concentrate on and what strategy to do to maximise your ability to connect with the general public. I would avoid travelling long distance at this moment as you may be caught up in delays.

Mars connects in a conjunction with Neptune just one day later on the 7th of the month. This aspect occurs in your ascendant house and it may be quite a difficult one to endure. Firstly a sense of chaos and confusion may affect you, as if you can't personally control what's going on at this moment. You may feel weak or at a loss how to act in the situation that you find yourself in. Maybe the best course of action will be to melt into the background and make yourself invisible to others, so that you limit the amount of suffering or sacrifices that you'll have to make. If imagination, an artistic eye in a task is required then you may excel. In the same way you can use your sex appeal to make you irresistible to others. You can get what you want through presenting a vision that is false or imaginary.

There is one last aspect to concentrate our minds this year and this occurs on 17th December with Mars forming a sextile to Pluto. At this moment you can act in a subtle or slightly manipulative manner to get your way with friends or within group situations. You'll want to control the agenda and being a little selfish you won't want to let on about your real motives. In social settings you may put out a magnetic aura that others will naturally gravitate to.

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