Astrology by Paul Saunders : Aquarius Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Aquarius Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018


These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth. If you know these details then you can find your Ascendant sign through the following link

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Once you know your Ascendant sign then I hope that you'll find these carefully written predictions will be much more accurate and informative than your normal Sun sign Horoscopes. One other tip. If you know that your Ascendant degree is 25 –29 degrees Aquarius, then I suggest you read Pisces instead as it may be more accurate for you.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark these pages for future reference, and to check back to see if what I have predicted came true for you. As accurate as these horoscopes may be, they can never be as spot on as a personal reading will be. If you are interested in one for the future, please get in touch with me.

Ok, so Aquarius Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.

Pluto is passing through your house of the unconscious mind, of suffering and of solitude. Pluto in this part of your chart is complex, as it subtly changes you from within. You won't have an inclination to put yourself in the spotlight of any issue or matter as Pluto's natural domain is below the surface. Wherever Pluto goes it eventually “de-junks” your life, and this sector of your chart is like a trash can, filled to the rafters with things that have stored away with all sorts of unwanted memories from previous experiences, either because you didn't want to deal at the time they happened or because you weren't in a position to handle the more difficult problems that faced you. During this transit you will sorting through all those unconscious hang-up and and dealing with them, one by one.

Neptune is in your house of values and finances and its dissolving influence will be to lessen the importance you derive from whatever you feel a close tie to, be it money, possessions or what you truly believe in, so that you can realise that you can function perfectly adequately without these things. In effect Neptune will be working against your attachments and shaking up your own ego drives. Confusion will tend to reign over financial situations and you should be careful what deals you enter into and with whom, otherwise you may find that you will make some very big mistakes that will cause you no end of problems. If short, Neptune is teaching you the old adage, less is indeed more.

Uranus is now in your house of the mind slowly affecting your mental approach will radically adjust, the manner of your communication will alter and the things around you that you rely upon, your dealings with relatives, friends and neighbours may become more unpredictable. Your attitudes and everyday habits are likely to go though a complete revolution, and people around you through this transit will start to see a new you emerging. This is a great time for study and for taking up new pursuits as your mind will be open to all sorts of different possibilities. It may also indicate a time when your attitude and relationship to brothers and sisters will be changing. Between 16th May and 6th November Uranus will temporarily shift just into Taurus however this change of sign is highly unlikely to invoke a change of house for you too too, however it's change of sign may just allow us to see a noticeable and generational shift in all our value systems.

Saturn is the planet that teaches us lessons and at the end of 2017 it moved into Capricorn. Often with Saturn nearing the end of its transit around your chart, work and personal associations do start to slowly break down over time during this transit of Saturn through your house of undoing and the unconscious mind. As old friends start to drift away, routines will disintegrate and the life that you knew so well will suddenly to break down. This in general is a difficult transit and you may feel as if you cannot cope, that you have failed in some manner as areas of your life that used to function well no longer do so. This may well be true and yet you will not understand what to do to alleviate the difficult situations around you. There may be a great temptation to hide away and withdraw into yourself now and if you do, you should objectively look at your life to see what is working and what is not. This is the house of hospitals, institutions, suffering and rehabilitation and you may come into contact with people who can assist you in the clearing out process that is going on now, especially if you yourself find it difficult to cope yourself. The aim you should be trying to achieve in 2018 is to spring clean your life, and if you realise this you'll be able to re-launch yourself when the time is right. You'll especially notice these matters coming to the fore in mid April and the first week of September, times when Saturn grinds to a halt before turning direction, and thus increasing in influence and power.

Jupiter for most of the year is in the sign of Scorpio which in your case relates to your house of work and career. In this sector of your chart Jupiter will encourage you to further your career ambitions. You may have chance to widen your scope and responsibilities in your work environment and if you are really lucky, you may be recognised for your efforts, through increased pay or a chance to make a step up the career ladder. The international nature of Jupiter could see you have to travel in relation to your work, or you may have to deal with international links or parts of the business that you are in. Jupiter does often increase or inflate one’s ego and you should be mindful not to be too overconfident with what you are doing or take liberties that may get you in trouble with those in a more senior position. Expect these issues to come to the fore especially in the 2nd weeks of March and July around the time when Jupiter slows, stops and changes direction.

Right let's get into the real details of what awaits you in 2018.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on hidden and psychological issues, matters of sacrifice and solitude. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do you will feel a renewed sense of optimism and self confidence. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars is the driving force and the beat of the drum that we march to through our lives and as 2018 begins it is passing through your house of work and career alongside Jupiter. This will give you confidence and a very drive to do well at work or in public settings and to spread your influence as much as you can. You'll be ambitious now and wanting to make a big impact. Sure your confidence will be sky high, especially on and around the 8th when Mars and Jupiter combine, but beware of being too big headed and blasé about your abilities. You may cut off more than you can chew now, and let people in influential positions down because you promise more than you can deliver. You'll feel invincible, but remember that everyone has an Achilles heel.

On the 16th January Jupiter and Pluto form a sextile and though you'll be able to change your approach and take more control of and expand your career ambitions. The best way to do this will be through back door deals with influential people. Matters to transform your prospect at work and in all public position can be achieved by dealing with powerful people, however all of these gains may come at a price where you have to give up something to advance. There is a potential of blackmail here and you should be very careful not to get yourself into a situation where you are hostage to those who may want to manipulate or use you.

A day later on the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and through it you should expect some kind of sudden change in your work, an unforeseen request made on you, or and unexpected event in public. There could be a social connection to the change occurring or possibly it will be either linked to technology, messages or other communications.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th motivating you to fulfil long held ambitions, this is a house of looking to the future and making reality what has in the past been only hopes and dreams. This part of the chart is also connected to your friends and to groups of all kinds and you will do much better if you sacrifice some of your individual tendencies to work and cooperate with others. This placement will be exceptionally good in physical situations such as team sports and games. Now, this is likely to cause some conflicts if your aims are not the same as others around you and egos may clash in the process. The trick I think is to try and find some common ground between you, to ameliorate your individual ideas into one overriding strategy that is acceptable to all. In learning to work with other people you will have much more success as a result.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo. This eclipse lands in your house of relationships and partnerships, and so your connections to a partner, spouse or business associates may come under severe emotional pressure in the next six months. There may be changeable situations with people who oppose your personal views and with people you consult such as counsellors, solicitors and legal people too.


Overview - The Sun, Mercury and Venus all start off the month in your sign of Aquarius, so you'll be much more self-interested, body conscious and confident in nature. Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 18th. During the second half of February you'll be more conscious of money, business and financial issues, and thus what you can afford to do and achieve, and what you can't.

We have the first Solar Eclipse of the year on 15th February in the sign of your ascendant, Aquarius. Any eclipse in an Ascendant house is an important one and it will encourage you to adapt your life and your attitudes, think about a change of style or appearance as you become much more self conscious and in turn it will make you more aware of the image you present and how you appear to others. These changes in your attitudes will be apparent through the first half of 2018.

The 17th February sees Mars square to Neptune and this may see you getting inspiration or false information from friends, groups or social contacts. Your values may be twisted and turned by someone you trust, something you purchased may not be what you thought it was in the first place and be careful of wasting your hard earned cash on something that looks better than it actually is.


Overview – Mercury and Venus both enter Aries from 6th March highlighting your communication skills and how you connect with others. This will be a busier period for you than normal, as you are involved in debates, making comments, dealing with documents contracts and making lots of trips and journeys. The Sun follows on afterwards into Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20th March starting a brand new Astrological year adding extra emphasis to these themes. Venus enters strong and stable Taurus on the last day of the month.

Moving into March and Mars forms a trine to Uranus. You can push forward with your hopes and dreams now through cooperating with other people. This is a fantastic aspect for networking and you can make serious progress in all your aims by using social media, the internet and technology, Share your ideas use your contacts and friends and spread the word. You'll be in a hurry too so watch your speed and be careful if you are driving, this is an aspect that gives quick reactions but can be accident prone too.

On the 17th of the month Mars enters the sign of Capricorn and this transit will tend to frustrate you. You see this is not one of the easiest of places for Mars to be found because this house more than any other works on a very unconscious level, and any unconscious traits in you will now be triggered. You won't notice them, but others will, and if you are criticised for your actions, you won't understand why. This will lead to upset and irritations. Your actions may constantly be defeated or undermined by those working against your best interests adding to potential frustration. You should try to work on your own if you can or help out in an environment where you sacrificing something for others, charity work would be ideal.

On the 24th March Mercury moving in the house of the mind will affect your communications, transport, local issues and maybe your brothers and sisters. You may have to review documents or contracts very carefully as agreeing to them without reading them first could cause serious problems. Letters, emails or parcels potentially could get lost or people may get the wrong impression about the messages you are trying to put out. Technical issues or transport delays could hamper you and you may try to reconnect with brothers, sisters and people in your local area.


Overview – The inner solar bodies now start to pull away from each other, as Venus moves onwards through Taurus focusing your values and desires on your home life, your family and family values and traditions. Mercury stays in Aries all month as it is moving retrograde making you think more carefully what you say and the messages you are putting out. There may be a need to review paperwork or agreements. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th just before Venus moves into mutable Gemini on the 24th April, starting to activate your love life and creative talents.

It is now April and Mars conjuncts with Saturn on and around the 2nd day of the month. This is a rather difficult connection in a part of the chart that is very psychological. You efforts to achieve something significant for yourself will already be hampered because of Mars' position in your house of undoing, and Saturn adds to the difficulty and frustration level. You may receive veiled criticism from an unnamed source, your path may be totally blocked by those working in a position of authority working against you. You may have health issues that deplete your energy and force you to seek assistance. You may be suffering in some manner or feel repressed anger within you.

On the 14th April Jupiter and Pluto make an opportunistic sextile and matters linked to events triggered by the first contact of these planets on 16th January may resurface. There is a chance to reassess wok plans and career initiatives and to gain some power and control within your work environment. Professionally you are on the upward curve and your influence will be expanding, or you may be making career changes that will give you much more scope. Your public reputation will be expanding too, and you can put your name to things knowing there is a good chance of success. Powerful people can be your ally now, so use your influence and charm to court them. There is one more connection of these planets when Jupiter is moving direct, active on and around 12th September. Mercury retrograde finishes a day later and soon you can finally get moving forward in getting in touch with people

On the 26th April Mars and Pluto combine in Capricorn and a lot of the issues I mentioned with the Saturn conjunction to Mars will come out in fundamental changes now. Pluto in this part of your chart does not like change, but actions now against you will force it into the open. There could be manipulation against you, you may feel controlled, powerless and utterly frustrated. You could lash out and fight back, but how do you fight against something or someone that seems untouchable? Try and focus your energies on changing other people's lives rather than on yourself, or by making personal behind the scenes changes to your own life. You may be dealing with hospitals clinics, in regard to a hidden condition.


Overview – The Sun is in Taurus at the start of this month and Mercury picking up speed joins it in this sign on the 13th May. You'll be happy to stay behind the scenes at home for a while and you want want to get out and about so much. Venus in Gemini is a lovely fun position, and your love life will be interesting and varied and Children will give you so much joy now if you involve them in creative games and activities. Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th May and you'll be focused on work relationships and how your job contributes to your life and personal happiness. The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini on 21st and 29th respectively and you will want to express your creative ideas and talents in your free time and with those you love.

We move into Into May and on the 16th of this month Mars enters Aquarius, your sign. For you with an Aquarian Ascendant its transit will spotlight personal themes and how you act and express yourself. You'll be much more confident now than in the previous month and much more willing to take the initiative in situations. You may be rather outspoken and hasty, and this could hold you back at times, nevertheless it's better to try and fail than not to try at all. You'll be interested in how you look and you may take action to update your image. You could clash with your partner over taking a selfish attitude to things, so remember to consider others as well as your own needs.

On the same day Mars will square Uranus now just in the sign of Taurus. Be careful what you say, what you write or communicate, as it may be controversial and upsetting to some people. You may not care in upsetting people and you might do this hidden away, so that others don't know that you acted as you did. You may be too hasty in agreeing to to contracts, or too stubborn to change your mind over something, Disputes could occur with neighbours, local people or with brothers and sisters. If you are driving or going by any vehicle that you are controlling, be careful as speed can be your enemy. The other two dates where this aspect will be in operation will be around 2nd August and also 18th September 2018.

On 25th May Jupiter moving in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, the second of three aspects (the first of these occurred on 3rd December 2017). This flexible connection is working to bring you ideas and imagination in your work life. You can implement creative work solutions, use vision and your intuitive side to sense the right time to push ahead or pull back. You can make all your professional dreams come true, because you are open to any possibility. You boss may help in this process too. In a public sense, the world is your oyster now and you can connect worldwide to people who matter, and it'll help you boost your income and standing. For giving out knowledge, your beliefs and spiritual advice, this is an ideal set up to take advantage of. There is always a debit side when Neptune is involved, so a few rules now. Do not make fake promises or claims at work, try not to financially dupe people now or claim you believe in values that are not true to your heart. Making false claims could lead you into a lot of hot water. You may spend stupid amounts of money on a pipe dream with no solid foundations behind them, so be careful to budget accordingly and carefully. There is one more connection of these planets after Jupiter turns direct on and around 19th August.


Overview – You'll enjoy your social life, creating and doing your own thing with Sun/Mercury in Gemini and you'll be focused on work, routines, health and your pets with Venus in Cancer. You'll be focusing more on the little things and the details as Mercury enters Cancer on 12th June just as Venus enters Leo on 13th. Now you will want to feel more the centre of attention from your partner and the one you love, and you will want to enjoy yourself a bit more with them. The Sun follows into Cancer on the 20th at the Summer Solstice point, with the effect of you knowing that there are chores to be done and carried out before you can focus on other things. Mercury enters Leo on 29th of the month. Mars is lowing down as we enter June as it gets ready to turn retrograde.

On the 8th June Mars conjuncts with the South Node of the Moon, a difficult position of regression, and this moment may see personal disappointments in your dealings with others. I feel that relationships may suffer as you go back to old habits, thinking more about yourself and less about the needs of someone else. This may be a hit to your pride, and it may be deserved. There is a need to be more considerate and you'll be finding this out right now. This aspect may also see you feeling down and tired. You may need rest and a time to recuperate, so take your time and don't rush anything. This, because of the impending retrograde motion of Mars is another one of these connections that will occur three times, the other two dates being on 20th July and 26th September.

Later in the month on 27th June Mars finally reaches a stop stationing retrograde. The time around this date sees Mars at it's most powerful and you will have to look at your personal actions, put them under the microscope and work out what you can improve. There could be a personal reinvention going on now, especially around your attitudes, what you say and how you say it. Your ego may be a problem and it may need to be “toned down” a bit. Be less aggressive and think of others ahead of yourself.


Overview – With Mercury and Venus in Leo you'll be able to communicate with partners and spouses clearly and concisely – these planets aid a loving relationship to flourish. Venus enter Virgo on 10th July and this will stimulate a deeper and more intense love between you and the one you love. Mercury is slowing again before going retro late in the month. The Sun enters Leo and there is a renewed focus on your personal life, relationships, matters connected to those who advise you in some way and to people and individuals who oppose you, rivals and known enemies.

Into July and there is a Solar Eclipse on 13th in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse lands in the part of your chart linked to your daily work routines, relationships with work colleagues, bosses and employees, services you provide and those who do services for you, health, welfare, healing and matters connected to your pets. One or more of these themes will be prevalent through the second half of 2018.

On the 27th July Mercury now in the sign Leo grinds to a halt and stations retrograde for three weeks. Now is a time to review your relationships and maybe reset them a bit. If your relationship is in a good place you can still make things better by acting thoughtfully, surprising your partner or if you are married renewing your vows in some way. If things are shaky with someone else, its a time to talk and go over that issues are concerning you. Indeed this is a three week period of consulting with others, be it people giving you advice or even those who are against you. Talking with a rival may be able to smooth over a difficult situation.

On the same day there is a Lunar Eclipse in your Aquarius that will reinforce the changes and issues brought to the forefront by the Solar Eclipse of 15th February in a more emotional way through relationship situations rather than through outside changes, although as this Eclipse is in the early degrees of Aquarius, you'll be sensing over the next few months that it would be best to carry out much of your business and actions in private, working behind the scenes will be beneficial. You may also find that many of your efforts may be denied by situations out of your control making you worry or suffer in some regards. You might have to make sacrifices to get on this year, and you may be drawn to helping out others in some regards.


Overview – Venus is in Virgo for the first few days of August prioritising joint finances and shared possessions, debts and significant changes before moving into Libra. This activates your need to learn new things, your relationship and fascination with people from different countries, matters connected to legal situations and issues pertaining to in-laws and relatives of your partner. Mercury is in Leo all month and you'll continue to update partnerships and all kinds of relationships, and make sure that they are ok for your needs. The Sun moves into Virgo and you'll take a more intense focus on anything that you do jointly with your partner, financially and intimately.

As we move into August we get the second of the Mars square Uranus aspects on the 2nd (see May) and following on from that event, Uranus stations retrograde on the 8th August. This will be a disruptive and chaotic period just before a Solar Eclipse where literally anything unusual could occur around us. There may be problem with things you say or are said to you. There could be a heated debate now that could upset neighbours, local people or your close relatives. Vehicles, computers, and other technological devices may suffer problems or breakages, possibly affecting your ability to travel. All this occurs before Mars regresses back into Capricorn on 13th August. During it's regression into this sign you may feel rather bewildered that nothing you try is being successful. You will find your efforts scuppered and prevented, and maybe it's time to put things on hold for a while until Mars starts to proceed forwards again?

As I mentioned, there is a second Solar Eclipse within a month again in the sign Leo on the 11th August. The theme of this month seems to be relationship matters and these will be tested and examined throughout the rest of this year. All partnerships and relationships including professional ones will be scrutinised and there may be tense moments in them through the rest of the year. Problems could be faced with people who openly oppose what you stand for.

The 19th August finds Jupiter making it's third and final trine to Neptune and I refer you back to May when this aspect first surfaced. The 27th August sees Mars stationing direct and we may redouble our efforts to get back on track and moving forward once again. In this moment you may feel like momentum is starting to return to your life. It'll be time to redouble your efforts and get fully back on track.


Overview – The month begins with all three inner bodies in different signs, however from the 6th Mercury enters Virgo and you will start to focus on the financial details of monies owed, dealing with people in control, corporations and big business, your private life and anything secret and “under the table”. Venus is in Scorpio from 9th September onwards for quite a long while putting a new emphasis on your work, career and public image. How you relate to your boss and your father may be vital now. Mercury and the Sun enter Libra on 22nd and 23rd September and this will open your mind to the world, to travel, beliefs, culture and the need to acquire wisdom and knowledge.

After this testing August, we move into September and Mars re-enters the sign of Aquarius on the 11th of the month. Now all those delays and irritations in late June, July and August will be clarified as to why they occurred, so that you could reach this point. A day later on the 12th Jupiter forms it's third and final sextile to Pluto, and aspect that we last saw on 14th April. Please refer back to this date for more information on how this will affect you. Mars makes it's final square to Uranus on the 18th September (first seen on 16th May) and powering forward now it connects with the South Node of the Moon for a final time on 21st September – please look back to 8th June when this aspect first appeared.


Overview – Venus remains in Scorpio as she slows down and Mercury adds to an increased interest in career matters and your dealings with the general public on the 10th October. The Sun joins these planets in the sign of Scorpio on 23rd October and now you will be fully focused on your work life. You may be very much in the sights of those who employ you, or if you work on your own you may feel as there is much to do now. Whichever way you public profile may be rising at this time, but elements within your career or public role may be bothering you and this will be examined soon as Venus goes retrograde. Venus moves back into Libra on 31st October.

The month of October unusually sees no major planetary aspects at all but there is one major event as on 6th October Venus slows to a halt now in the sign of Scorpio and begins a 42 day period of retrograde motion. This is occurring in the main in the part of your chart connected to your work, career, your relationship to bosses and senior people in your life, to your father and elderly male figures and the way you interact and are regarded by the general public. You'll be using your value systems and your appreciation of relationships to assess how you relate to your job that you do and the people you work alongside. Are you earning enough and are you appreciated for what you do? Is your public reputation as you would want it to be and how can you improve it? How do you deal with authority? You'll be asking all of these questions during this month. There is one rule of thumb during Venus retrograde - that it is unwise to start brand new relationships or make important decisions over finances. Try and resist the urge until Venus moves direct again, even if the situations on offer look too good to be true.


Overview – This month is very much as you were from October, with Venus in retrograde and Mercury in Sagittarius all month slowing and preparing to enter its own new retrograde cycle. It's almost as if you are putting things on hold during November before you can start to progress forward again. Venus now retrograde in Libra will ask you if you need to learn anything more in regard to your work and career to increase your knowledge whereas Mercury is continuing to let you ask searching questions of the people you work with. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 22nd November and this a temptation to share the load with others and to use your friends and network contacts to advance your life.

As we move into November, so Venus changes signs back into Libra and for a short while the emphasis shifts onto learning and knowledge. You may be considering if to take up new training courses or studies, in particular to supplement your work; you may revise something you learnt before improve your recall of it. You may go back to revisit a legal question, republish something that you wrote or created before or revisit a country or people you know overseas.

Jupiter makes a 150 degree quincunx to Uranus on 8th of the month, and with Jupiter also in the work sector of your chart, you may make an independent stance on something connected to the roles that you carry out, adapt or change a contract, decision, document or an agreement so that it will be more acceptable to a wider audience, or through a unique approach or innovative idea you can break new ground in what you do.

The 8th of November is a significant day as Jupiter changes signs moving into it's home sign of Sagittarius. This on your chart is a place of learning about cooperation and there will be a wealth of people around you who will be willing to aid and assist when you need them and to network with. In the help that you are receiving you may have a chance to expand and widen your circle of friends and acquaintances greatly. Matters of groups, teams and associations are found in this region of your chart and you'll be keep to mix with other like minded people and work with them to achieve your long term ambitions. Jupiter in this part of your chart shows motivation in social or political affairs, and you may be interested in helping others too. This is not only a place of personal reform, it is a place where you can make your mark in aiding and calling for change and bettering the lives of many.

At the same time Uranus still moving retrograde dips back into the sign of Aries for one last time and a week later on the 15th November Mars makes a positive sextile to it. You'll be active, ambitious, in a hurry and maybe a little controversial now. You may say things to shock others into acting and you won't mind ruffling a few feathers to achieve your aims. You may have clever ideas, quick thoughts and a sharp tongue during the middle of the month.

On the 15th November Mars changes signs into elusive Pisces. Mars will move into your financial and business sector of your chart now, so you will be determined to make an impression and make the correct decisions to help line your pockets. The need to make money is strengthened now as is your ego drive to gain possessions and associate yourself with them. For a while you will be what you can afford and what you have, and this for many you may be seen as overly materialistic and rather conceited. This transit could see you spending too much too quickly and there is a danger of spending for spending's sake. Be careful and try and keep a lid on your finances.

Be a little mindful on the 16th November with Mars square to Jupiter as over confidence in a course of action at work may lead to you biting off more than you can chew and leaving with a task that is too big for you to manage on your own. You can make claims that are hard to justify although your enthusiasm and verve for the task in hand will get people to support you. You can put on a public show or demonstration now, and if your aim is to explore new ways of doing things or to expand the reach of your work to as wide an audience as possible, you may have great success. Also on this day Venus stations direct in your part of your chart of relationships and a relationship with a senior person or your father may reach a crunch point.

There are many shifts of planetary direction and planets into new signs, and things may be a little confusing. Adding into the mix, Mercury is slowing to a halt in Sagittarius exactly square to elusive and confusing Neptune before turning retrograde two days later on the 18th November. There could be confusion over someone's values in comparison to your ones, or a dispute over the ownership of something. Be very careful that you aren't drawn into backing people or companies with your money now, as their ideas may be a scam, illegal or the details and conditions will not be clear. From Mercury retrograde, you may be getting back in touch with old friends and contacts or reconnecting with groups, associations, companies or teams. You may review your long term plans or review who you have on your social networks and work out if everyone you are connected to are useful to your needs, it may be time to have a Facebook or LinkedIn spring clean. You may also review your political aims and social concerns.

On the 27th November Mars is making a constructive sextile to Saturn. Now I mentioned that you should be careful how you use your resources during Mars' transit through Pisces, however this may be a moment to put your money where your moth is. Saturn now gives some legitimacy and an opportunity for putting your money into research or the inner workings of any matter that you are interested in. It will tone down your ego a bit as well as your impulsive spending, and make you more considerate not only of your actual needs but of those of others too. Working on your own on a business plan or on the financial funding on a project may be time well spent.


Overview – The Sun is leading the way at the beginning of this month in Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus finishing their retrograde periods. This is traditionally a time of social gatherings and enjoying the approach to the festive period with friends and you'll embrace this now. On the 2nd December Virgo re-enters Scorpio and you'll be making sure that your work is up to date so that you can keep good relations with employers and the general public. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 12th December bringing a fun and exuberant feeling into your life. Your will be open minded and willing to enjoy events and occasions with others, it's time for pre-Christmas parties and get-togethers. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December, heralding the Winter Solstice.

We enter December and Mercury moves back briefly into Scorpio for 4 days on 2nd December before stationing direct on the 6th of this month, ending it's last retrograde of the year. Mercury at a station in Scorpio will give you an ultimatum or choice connected to your work situation and your reputation with the public. This reflects Venus retrograde too and through the last month you should have worked out where your future lies, what you need to do better to deal with those in authority and how to wield your own influence more wisely and effectively.

Mars connects in a conjunction with Neptune just one day later on the 7th of the month. This is a very inspirational and yet also rather confusing aspect to cope with. It lands in your house of finances and values, and these will seem in a state of total flux. Things may not be clear over payments and bills you have to pay, the value of something might not be clear and you may be duped into paying way over the odds for something that in time you won't want to keep. Your judgement of values will be impaired and I would consider keeping your wallet or purse tucked safely away until this aspect has passed.

There is one last aspect to concentrate our minds this year and this occurs on 17th December with Mars forming a sextile to Pluto. Here you can make changes to the way you value things. You may have been stung in the past week through being a bit naive and now you can take a bit more control of how you deal with your personal resources and be more savvy and worldly wise about how you spend, earn, save and value your life.

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