Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Venus trine Uranus – Wednesday 20th December 2017

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Venus trine Uranus – Wednesday 20th December 2017

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The Moon stays in the sign of Capricorn for a second day, and we continue the disciplined, hard working attitude that we had yesterday. This is a day when we will prefer to take on any tasks on our own, so we'll be able to know that we did all we could to succeed in our ventures. Today is one of those days where the old saying “if you want to do a good job, do it yourself” rings loud and true.

Indeed we will keep everything that we are doing very close to our chest early on as the Moon makes progress to make an intense conjunction with Pluto. We are in a mood to transform a situation and in the same breath to bring more control into our own hands. We will guard our creations and anything dear to us with zeal and with a strong will. The Moon is earthy and passionate and there is a desire with intense experiences with those close to you.

At 02.13am UK time, Saturn shifts into the sign of Capricorn for the next 2 and a half years and a new cycle starts. In the world around us, we are going to find that we will start to strive for a simpler, less complicated, more efficient life. You may have already felt the first winds of Saturn in Capricorn in the past couple of days. Saturn is harsh and demanding on us, but also fair if you put your all into any situation.

The Moon moves on to make a square to Uranus and at the same time a sextile to Chiron, and an impulsive, excitable feeling may come over us. You may not be able to sit still this afternoon, indeed you may be like a cat on a hot tin roof. There is an impulsive feeling now and you'll want to make progress in whatever you are trying to achieve. You'll be wanting to do things your way, differently to everyone else. The sextile to Chiron makes us feel a little easier than we have done in the past, and we may sense that we are starting to solve the problems that we faced out of the New Moon a couple of days ago.

In the background today, Venus also connects with the same two planets, forming a trine to Uranus and a square to Chiron. The fire trine between Uranus and Venus can bring chance encounters and meetings with people in social settings, and you may be surprised who gets in touch with you. This is a time of experimentation in a creative sense and in relationships too, unexpected love might be just around the corner. Be careful though as the Venus square to Chiron indicates hurtful situations emanating out of the impulsive actions of Venus trine Uranus. If we act without thinking, which is possible, then either we will be setting ourselves up for a lot of pain in the future, or we may be subjecting someone else up for exactly the same thing.

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