Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Pisces - Sunday 24th December 2017

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Pisces - Sunday 24th December 2017


The Moon in in sensitive, dreamy Pisces this Christmas Eve. Today we are idealistic and incredibly sensitive, maybe a bit confused at times but also totally non-judgemental. We will react to those who are suffering with kindness and a selfless and sacrificial manner. This is the true meaning of giving at a very giving time of the year, and we will be drawn to show love to anyone around us.
This Moon as dawn breaks in the UK and Europe is in a trine to Mars, and this impels us to get things going. We will not want to hang around, indeed you will have quite a lot of tasks to do no doubt, if you are celebrating Christmas today (mostly in Europe) or tomorrow in the English speaking nations. There are places to go and relatives to see, and there will be some impatience in the air in whatever we are doing.

As this trine starts to diverge, the Moon moves into a conjunction to Neptune and also starts to make a square to Mercury. There is a chance that we can get fooled into thinking that something somebody does is real now, especially if they play to our softer side and our sympathies. Beware what people say and do, as you could be momentarily naïve and we could be caught out emotionally; this may cost us when the dust settles. We may also try and avoid difficult situations or conversations in this moment, and we could be torn either between a need to flee or run away from chaos and strife, or letting our consciences take over and acting to try and make sense of a difficult situation out of compassion and a sense of duty. We will be good at spinning a yarn, acting as effectively as an actor on a stage, our sense of imagination will be at it's peak this afternoon.

In the evening, the Moon moves into a generous trine to Jupiter, itself in a wide conjunction to an ever closing Mars. With this trine in the coming days we will be able to make big strides and now we have a joyous outlook to end the day. This is a time of celebration and fun, just the way it should be at this time of year. There will be an urge to connect with those who live far away and to embrace a little wisdom and faith in keeping with the Christian and Catholic traditions. Jupiter as we hit the end of the day is at a position that we in Astrology call the North bendings of the Moon. This point is exactly midway between the Nodal axis and it's a very sensitive spot. The North bending is known for “going too far” and often there is a build up of tension that accompanies any planet that gets to this position. Now we know that Jupiter is the planet of excess, of faith and taking a risk, and I wonder if there might be a situation now where something taken to extremes catches the news wires? In our own lives, this has been a tough year, and Christmas is the one time where we can let ourselves go a bit. Many of us have been living on a shoestring as austerity bites, and for once we may have spent too much and we may eat and drink way too much now too. You know, I wouldn't blame you if you did.

Enjoy the holiday season and yes, I am posting every day, and there will be a Christmas Day update too if you have time to look. Astrology and the planets never stop moving, and Astrologers never stop working, especially at this time of year...

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