Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Mercury trine Uranus - Sunday 10th December 2017

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Mercury trine Uranus - Sunday 10th December 2017


The Moon remains in the sign of Virgo today and as a result we are attentive, careful and modest with a keen eye for detail. Nothing will escape our critical gaze, and we will make sure that everything is in order and in the right place. We will be a stickler for process today, and for making sure the rules are followed to the letter.

The Moon is approaching the final square in this lunar cycle, and there is an imbalance between how we feel and how we act. The Sun is very outgoing, free, adventurous and willing to take a risk in Sagittarius, and yet the Virgo Moon is much less so and much more reserved, so you may appreciate the potential dilemma that faces us – do we step forward or do we hold back? At the same time, the Moon forms a trine to Pluto and we can sense and feel what is right and what is the right course of action to take. There is plenty of ability to get the heart of any problem and to work out a solution.
We will want to feel closeness with those we care about.

Into the afternoon and the Moon encounters a second set of planets all sitting around the same degree point. The Moon opposes Chiron, makes and inconjunct to Uranus and a square to Mercury. None of these aspects are easy to cope with. The opposition to Chiron hints at a hurt that resonates with us, maybe something from the past that grates at us constantly. The inconjunct to Uranus shows that we will have to adjust our emotional response to a situation, and the square to Mercury on the back of the square to the Sun could indicate is being criticised or disappointed in some way. There may be a conflict between how you feel you should react and what your logic is telling you, and because Mercury is retrograde you may just decide keep your thoughts to yourself, for the time being at least, until such time as you can reveal what you thought at a more opportune and less tense moment.
Ultimately how you resolve to deal with this situation may determine how your evening goes.

In the middle of all this we have Mercury and Uranus in a positive trine and this gives us a chance to think sharply and innovatively on the go. In middle of everything going on, we will be able come up with something special, a flash of inspiration that may even surprise you, indeed out of a moment of difficulty you may come up with a concept or idea that can serve you well in the future. Today is a great day for doing anything technical, scientific or linked to the cosmos and universe around us. If you do have that moment of genius, so to speak that light bulb moment, I would put it in the memory bank, refine it, and work on it over the next couple of weeks until Mercury goes direct.

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