Astrology by Paul Saunders : World Cup Final Astrology – Germany versus Argentina.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

World Cup Final Astrology – Germany versus Argentina.


We have the most important football match in the past 4 years taking place today as the mighty Germans who thrashed Brazil the host country 7-1 takes on Brazil’s mortal enemies, Argentina. It’s a clash of Europe versus South America, of the team ethic of the Germans against the little genius that is Lionel Messi. It’s a mouth watering prospect and by the end of the match one of these countries will be picking up the most beautiful and stunning trophy in sport. Who is going to win? Lets have a look at the Astrology of the two competing nations.

Argentina transits

Ok I start with Argentina, formed as a country when Britain recognised it’s independence in 1810. Argentina has been very organised as a team in this tournament and they have not really set things on fire. You can see Saturn in the 3rd house of the mind opposing the Argentinian Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, as well as making a square to the natal Leo Ascendant. In this tournament despite the talented team that the Argentinians possess especially in forward areas, they have taken on a sober mentality represented by the transits on the national chart, and have been playing with the hand break on, and not off. I do not see that changing for the final. Expect a cautious safety first attitude hoping that their talisman Messi can steal a goal or two. Transiting Pluto square to the Nodal Axis suggests to me that a more powerful force will interfere in Argentina’s plans to be world champions.

Transiting Uranus interestingly makes a trine to the Ascendant, thus the unpredictable genius of an individual seems to hold Argentina’s fate in it’s hands, that I suspect of Lionel Messi. Transiting Neptune is square to Sun, Midheaven and sporting Mars as well as being square to it’s own position and this suggests that somewhere down the line there is going to be public suffering in Argentina. To me, this is a practical chart, but there is not so much joy here. Transiting Jupiter rules the 5th house of sport  and it is hidden away in the 12th house not making and any aspects to Argentina’s natal planets at all. Transiting Pluto is trine to the Argentinian Jupiter sitting in the 9th house and this aspect alone I think has propelled Argentina to the final, bringing a strong drive for international influence and success. One other positive link here sees the conjunction of transiting Mercury (ruling the 11th house of teams) and Venus to the Argentinian natal Venus, all trine to transiting Mars. Venus does on this chart rule events abroad and there will be optimism and affection for the national team who have achieved much in Brazil. Will the pragmatic approach that Argentina will likely use completely stifle the Germans, and will this slightly reserved set of transits win the day?

Germany(Unification) transits 

Now for Germany whose chart comes from German unification in 1990.  Now here are a powerful set of transits. Transiting Saturn sits bang on the natal Pluto ruling the 5th house of sport, the planet of ambition combined with the planet of power and control. This conjunction is trine to the natal Moon and there will be much confidence and a powerful sense in the people of Germany that this year will be a very successful one. Transiting Pluto is now sitting on the German Neptune, a line up of the two most influential planets on the chart and with Neptune ruling the 9th house of events abroad, here Germany’s influence over the world is going to be huge and dreams may be finally realised. Pluto here is also square to the German Midheaven and the German Sun, so a transformation in the country is coming, and I think that a World Cup win will indeed have a spectacular and empowering effect on German society. There is an almost spiritual and profound change in these aspects, with everything coming together at last.

You will remember that Germany went through a long period of introspection in 2001. “Die Mannschaft” were at that time given the same kind of mauling in being beaten 5-1 by England, very similar to the one that Germany handed out to Brazil in the week. Germany then took stock and started to focus on youth. Now that decision is paying off as a golden generation of players have come together and German football is at an all time high.

Transiting Mars here will be making a square to the natal German Chiron, so is this an aspect of wounding in sports terms or of healing instead? This is one aspect that you can’t predict the way that it will work until it does, certainly there will either be tears of joy, or of extreme sadness. So what of lucky Jupiter, is it in a joyous and optimistic mood? Well Jupiter is rapidly approaching the Ascendant, it is now in conjunction and will soon hit the Ascendant by the end of the month. The effects of this conjunction will already be making their effects felt, and I see celebrations and huge pride as Jupiter enters Leo, the sign ruling this chart. Jupiter is also making a lovely sextile to the German natal Venus, ruling the 11th house of teams. All these aspects are pointing just one way, a lot of happiness in Germany and a renewed sense of pride in the coming weeks.

As you can gather, we will see a clash of styles this evening and quite frankly I cannot see Argentina stopping the German machine from going on to be the first European team to lift the World Cup on South American soil.

My prediction tonight and where I put my neck on the block?

Germany 3-1 Argentina, therefore Germany to win and become World Champions.


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