Astrology by Paul Saunders : New Moon in Leo on 26th July 2014 – Don’t burn yourself out in the excitement of the moment.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New Moon in Leo on 26th July 2014 – Don’t burn yourself out in the excitement of the moment.


On the 26th July, we have another new Moon coming our way and this time it will be landing in the sign of Leo. Leo is the Sun’ s sign, one of individual creativity, of showing the world who you are and what you can do and with a  new cycle beginning it is time for us all to create and to make a wish of what we would like to bring to fruition in our lives. This time around we are going to have immediate and big plans that we will want to enact!!


The new Moon occurs at 3:51 degrees Leo and it is closely conjunct to the planet of expansion and knowledge, Jupiter so I will say this now, we will not go into or start anything in this cycle in this cycle unless it is big, brash and bold. Even if you are a more conservative or reserved type like a careful Virgo, a frugal Capricorn or an old stick in the mud Taurean, you will be affected I think by the onrush of optimism and blasé like charm of a new Moon in Leo conjunct to Jupiter. This new Moon will pull us along with it and a sense of having to do or begin something will be very evident now. Why? If you look at the chart you can see that the new Moon makes a triple square to Mars, the planet of action. Now ok the energy here is separating but the moment will be caught and this triple square is very energizing.

In every connection in Astrology there is always two sides to the story and I believe that this one is no different. In this square from the new Moon and Jupiter to Mars, there is a couple of inherent dangers built in. Firstly as this combination is almost too headstrong and secondly Jupiter in this particular cycle is combust, that is to say that it’s light is being drowned out by that of the Sun. Normally, any planet that is being affected by a conjunction to the Sun doesn’t work so well and it is affected or burnt in some way. In Jupiter’s case, a position of combustion will see the effect of trying to go ahead and do things without seeking the knowledge and guidance that is normally needed. You can say a lot of detrimental things about the way Jupiterian types tend to over do things, are blunt without meaning to be so, are a bit wild and very fun loving, but they do understand that knowledge is a vital part of life and they eventually learn from their mistakes. This Jupiter in being so close to the Sun is likely to be too self-righteous, too know it all and egged on by the square from Mars, the chance of starting up something or making decisions just because they look right and you want to make an huge impact is very tempting. Unless you are careful, you can start something in this phase that is not well considered, off the cuff and ultimately doomed to fail just because you wanted to get things off the ground. The temptation to go too far, to fast and too quickly is also a big possibility too.

The rest of this chart sees the requisite t-square working off the Uranus Pluto square that has been present since 2012. This time Venus is in the sign of Cancer opposing Pluto and making the square to Uranus in Aries. Venus in Cancer is caring and nurturing and will be highly protective of the relationships she has and what she owns and loves, however change is being forced upon this Venus at this vital point of the new Moon from Pluto and Uranus. Venus will tend to draw back and protect what she has here and will only move on once she is pushed to the edge and secondly she will only accede if there is going to be a fair outcome in the end, representing the two side of Venus and the signs she rules (Taurus and Libra). In the same way in this cycle, your important relationships and resources may be under pressure and you won’t want to move make any changes unless they are on your terms. This t-square suggests that you may be forced to adapt in the coming weeks, although the wide trine to Saturn that Venus also makes will eventually settle things down a little and take much of the trepidation out of any change if and when you decide to make one. The lesson here. Don’t be afraid of moving on a little…

Mercury is in an interesting position here too in Cancer making three aspects, a square to Uranus and trines to Saturn and Chiron. Mercury is also in Cancer and therefore in quite an intuitive position. This place for Mercury is great for sensing what the public and people around you want and need. Whenever Mercury gets into Cancer, people naturally look back to the past and become more patriotic and protective of their country, their land, their family and anything that is important to them. The square to Uranus though challenges us to consider new ideas and different methods and you may be torn between what you know and what is to come. This is a disruptive square for travelling and for any technological or scientific work and I don’t thing that things are going to be that easy in the coming weeks because of this influence in these areas of life. The trine from Mercury to Saturn though is great for putting the meat on the bones of any ideas you have and for finally making them come to fruition. Here is a wealth of concentration and if you have any tasks that need a lot of detailed attention, then this connection will help you a lot. 

A grand water trine is completed by the trine to Chiron and by thinking rationally and using your logic as well as your intuition you can use the forces here to heal areas of your life that have been troubling you in the past. There is almost a sense of delving back into your childhood and youth and working out either by yourself or through the help of senior people and those with age and experience on their side where you went wrong and now being able to talk through the problems and issues that have been affecting your emotions. Even if you are in that kind of environment now and you are actively seeking help, this lovely water trine at the time of this new Moon will continue to help and to push you along the road of recovery.

All new Moons bring mixed blessings and this one is no different. The way to handle this one is to try to take the heat out of it by stopping for a moment and by not being carried away by the excitement of the moment. There is so much active energy here waiting to burn, but flames are almost never eternal. When they extinguish and the light goes out, then you are left cold and in the dark. Build your fire mighty and strong by preparing it properly first, making sure that you have enough logs in store to keep the flames fanning through the entire night. Then, and only then will you be able to see the light of the new day with plenty of optimism and energy to spare.


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