Astrology by Paul Saunders : Site Map – The Archive of My Work to Date…

Site Map – The Archive of My Work to Date…


Below is a set of links to individual charts I have looked at so far on this blog:-


A  AdeleAlbert EinsteinAlberto ContadorAmy WinehouseAi WeiweiAndy Coulson  Anders Behring Breivik  Arnold Schwarzenegger  Arsene Wenger  Angela Merkel  Angelina Jolie  Anwar Al Awlaki  Amanda Knox  Aretha Franklin  Aung San Suu Kyi  Andy Murray  Adam Yauch  Andrew Strauss  Ann Romney  Andrea Bocelli  Anthony Weiner
B  Britney SpearsBarack ObamaBryan Ferry  Benjamin Netanyahu  Bradley Wiggins  Brad Pitt  Billy Connolly  Bryan Cranston  Bobby Womack  Beyonce Knowles  Bill Cosby
C  Charlie SheenChris BrownColonel Muammar Al-GaddafiCatherine Zeta-Jones  Charlene Wittstock  Coco Chanel  Charles Dickens  Cardinal Sean Brady  Chen Guangcheng  Chris Martin  Clint Eastwood
D  The Dalai LamaDelroy Grant - The "Night Stalker"Donald TrumpDavid Cameron  David Haye  Dan Wheldon  Damien Hirst  Demi Moore  Donna Summer  Daniel Craig  David Beckham  David Bowie  Daniel Day Lewis  David Frost  Dzokhar Tsarnaev  Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala  Donald Sterling  David Cassidy
E  Elizabeth TaylorEnda KennyEnid Blyton  Enrique Peña Nieto  Ellie Simmonds  Edward Snowden  Emmanuel Macron
F  Francois Hollande  Fabrice Muamba  Frankel  Floyd Mayweather Jnr  Frankie Knuckles
G  George Osborne, Geraldine FerraroGlenn Beck  George Clooney  Gary Oldman  George Lucas  George Michael  Geert Wilders  George W Bush
H  Hugo Chavez  Hwang Woo Suk  Hugh Laurie  Hillary Clinton  Henry Cecil  Harvey Weinstein
J  Jessica AlbaSenator John EdwardsJohn GallianoJose MourinhoJK RowlingJustin BieberJames MurdochJane Austen  Jimmy Savile  Jessica Simpson  Julian Assange  Judi Dench  Jennifer Aniston  Jackie Chan  James Eagan Holmes  Justin Welby  Jodi Arias  Joan Rivers  Jeff Sessions  Jane Fonda
K  Karl-Theodor zu GuttenbergKim Kardashian  Kris Humphries  Kate Winslett  Kim Jong Un  King Richard III of England  Kei Nishikori  Kevin Spacey
L  Lindsay LohanLionel MessiLeonardo DiCaprio  Laura Dekker  Luka Magnotta  Lance Armstrong  Lady Gaga  Liam Neeson  Lou Reed  Luis Suarez  Lauren Bacall
M  Mel GibsonMohamed BouaziziMichele BachmannMichael FassbenderMark ZuckerbergMila Kunis  Marg Helgenberger  Mitt Romney  Michael Stipe  Michael D Higgins  Martin Johnson  Margaret Thatcher  Muhammad Ali  Maria Sharapova  Michael Winner  Monica Lewinsky  Michael Schumacher  Michael Jace  Mark Cavendish
N  Natalie Portman, Necmettin Erbakan, Nicholas Cage Newt Gingrich  Neil Armstrong  Naftali Bennett  Nigel Farage  Neil Gorsuch
O  Oprah Winfrey  Oscar Pistorius  OJ Simpson
P  Pablo Picasso, President Bashar Al-AssadPrince Andrew Duke of YorkPrince Albert of Monaco  Paul McCartney  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh  Prince William of Wales  Pippa Middleton  Prince Johan Friso  Paul Ryan  Prince Harry  Patrick Moore  Pope Francis I  Prince George of Cambridge  Phil Everly  Philip Seymour Hoffman
Queen Elizabeth II
R  Russell BrandRyan GiggsRory McIlroy  Richard BransonRupert Murdoch  Ricky Gervais  Rick Perry  Ridley Scott  Robert Pattinson  Rhianna  Roger Federer  Ravi Shankar  Randy Travis  Recep Tayyip Erdogan  Ray Manzarek  Robert Downey Jnr  Robin Williams  Raquel Welch
S Sachin TendulkarSilvio BerlusconiSimon CowellSteve Jobs, Suze Rotolo, Serena WilliamsSeve BallesterosSarah Palin  Stephen King  Stephen Lawrence  Stephen Hawking  Steven Spielberg  Sacha Baron Cohen  Sean Connery  Steve Bannon  Sergio Garcia
T  Tim Tebow Tony Blair Tony Greig
Usain Bolt
V  Vaclav Havel  Vladimir Putin
W Wladimir Klitschko  Whitney Houston  William Shakespeare William Churchill
Y  Yuri Gagarin  Yulia Tymoshenko


Prince William and Kate Middleton
Daniel Craig & Rachael Weisz
Prince Albert & Princess Charlene of Monaco

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce
David Cameron & Nick Clegg
Russell Brand & Katy Perry
Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux
Julia Gillard & Kevin Rudd
Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney - The verdict on who will win in 2012
Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth
Oscar Pistorius & Reeva Steenkamp
Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas
Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard


TunisiaEgyptLibyaSaudi ArabiaIreland,   FranceSyriaIsrael Palestine RelationshipIvory Coast,   The United States of America   Belgium  Greece  United Kingdom  China  Norway  Italy  Thailand  Europe China Relationship  Turkey  India  Iran USA relationship  Jamaica  Iran Israel relationship  Russia  Portugal  Spain  Northern Ireland  Namibia  Vatican City  Canada  Israel & Palestine Relationship  Zimbabwe  Peru



New Zealand Earthquake
The Oscars
Japan Tsunami Disaster
Three Mile Island Disaster
Chernobyl Explosion
Fukushima Power Plant Scare
France & NATO attack Libya
Japan Earthquake 7/4/11
The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Kate Middleton
Europe's financial crisis
US budget disagreements
Phone hacking scandal
Oslo terrorist attack
London Olympic Games 2012 – One year to go
Recent US Financial History
Tottenham and London Riots
UK Riots - The authorities react
The battle for Libya
9/11 - The Twin Towers Attack
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Air Crash
Ramallah Palestinian Protests
CERN Hadron Collider discoveries
Saudi Women get the vote
Update on Europe's Financial Crisis
Thailand Floods
Greece Debt Crisis - 1st Nov 11
Syrian Crisis
Costa Concordia Shipwreck
A new royal baby to be born in July (Jan 2013)
SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act
Superbowl XLVI - Patriots vs Giants
The Assad Regime and the deepening crisis in Syria
"Water World" planet discovered
Greek second financial bail out
CERN experiments update 23/2/12
San Francisco 1906 earthquake
Race killings in France
French Elections 2012
Bahrain Protests April 2012
UK local elections and strikes
Astrology and the Bionic Eye
The link between Greece and the Euro
Bologna Earthquake May 2012
The Houla Massacre in Syria
Spain and it's debt crisis
Syria shoots down Turkish military jet
The Queen meets with Martin McGuinness
"50 Shades of Grey" & the Uranus Pluto square
Fukushima radiation levels rise - June 2012
Wildfires in Colorado Springs
The Higgs Boson discovery
UK Banking Scandals and Floods July 2012
Fixed stars & the US Elections - July 2012
Suicide Bomb in Damascus - July 2012
Aurora Cinema Shooting - July 2102
Aurora Shooting - the stars days after the event
Beijing Floods July 2012
NASA "Curiosity" mission to Mars
UK Coalition Problems - Aug 2012
London 2012 - Closing Ceremony
Pussy Riot trial in Moscow - Aug 2012
Mohammed Mursi criticises Syrian regime
Is the Catholic church valid for today's society?
Hillsborough - Let the healing begin
The Annecy Shootings - Sept 2012
Hurricane Sandy - Oct 2012
Fixed Stars for US Presidential Election
Who may be elected as the new Pope?
Cyprus taxes savings (Mar 2013)
South Korea hacking attack (March 2013)
Paris protest against gay marriage (Mar 2013)
North Korea declares readiness for war (Mar 2013)
Mandela recovers in hospital from lung infection (Mar 2013)
Boston Marathon Bomb (Apr 2013)
Iran 7.8 Earthquake (Apr 2013)
Waco fertiliser plant explosion (Apr 2013)
Gas explosion in Prague (Apr 2013)
Jewel heist at Cannes Film Festival (May 2013)
Oklahoma City tornado (May 2013)
Istanbul Gezi Park Protests (June 2013)
Prince Phillip goes in to hospital (June 2013)
Julia Gillard ousted as Australian PM (June 2013)
Andy Murray wins Wimbledon (July 2013)
Revolution in Egypt (July 2013)
San Francisco Airport Air Crash (July 2013)
Santiago de Compostela train crash (July 2013)
A look at Egypt and the history of revolution (Aug 2013)
Fukushima nuclear plant update (Aug 2013)
Syria and chemical weapons (Aug 2013)
Reforms at the Vatican (Aug 2013)
Obama and the Syria Crisis (Sept 2013)
Tony Abbott wins election in Australia (Sept 2013)
Russia takes control of Syria Crisis (Sept 2013)
Shooting at Washington DC Navy base (Sept 2013)
German General Election 2013 (Sept 2013)
Nairobi Shopping Mall Attack (Sept 2013)
US Congress agrees last minute budget deal (Oct 2013)
Australian bush fires threaten Sydney (Oct 2013)
Iran and US sign nuclear deal (Nov 13)
Ukraine Protests (Dec 2013)
Focus on North Korea (Dec 2013)
Nelson Mandela passes away (Dec 2013)
Prince Harry gets to South Pole (Dec 2013)
Exploring US financial position (Dec 2013)
Apollo theatre in London accident (Dec 2013)
Pussy Riot girls released from jail (Dec 2013)
Ethnic tensions in South Sudan (Dec 2013)
France rocked by presidential sex scandal (Jan 14)
Ukraine protests update (Jan 14)
Sochi Winter Olympics (Jan 2014)
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mystery (Mar 2014)
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to be parents (Mar 14)
Washington State Mudslide (Mar 2014)
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin split (Mar 2014)
Ebola Virus spreads in West Africa (Apr 2014)
South Korea ferry tragedy (Apr 2014)
UK local elections - UKIP gains (May 2014)
Visual Astrology - Middle East Crisis (Jun 2014)
David Cameron rebuked by judge (Jun 2014)
World Cup - Costa Rica & Algeria do well (Jun 2014)
ISIS rebels declare Islamic Caliphate (Jun 2014)
Israeli teenagers found dead (Jul 2014)
Brazil humbled in World Cup (Jul 2014)
The Mystery of the US natal chart (Jul 2014)
World Cup Final (Jul 2014)
MH17 shot out of the sky (Jul 2014)
Air Algerie airplane crashes (Jul 2014)
Factional fighting in Libya (Jul 2014)
Israel Hamas ceasefire (Aug 2014)
US Men's Tennis Final (Sept 2014)
Hong Kong Protests (Sept 2014)
The end of the American dream? (Oct 2014)
The 2016 American Presidential Election - Who will win?
Will UK vote to leave Europe (Apr 2016)
Egyptair Flight MS804 crash (May 2016)
The astrology of the bombing of Hiroshima
American Election Watch update (June 2016)
France - Strikes and Floods (June 2016)
Brexit and the future (Mar 2017)
The fixed stars of Donald Trump (Mar 2017)
Deadly blast on Russian Metro (Apr 2017)
Scientific breakthrough in turning sea water into drinking water (Apr 2017)
Syrian Chemical attack (Apr 2017)America strikes back against Syria (Apr 2017)
US drops "mother of all bombs" (Apr 2017)
Prince Harry and mental problems (Apr 2017)
Serena Williams announces pregnancy (Apr 2017)
Shooting on Champs Elysees (Apr 2017)
President Trump Fires FBI director Comey (May 2017)
The UK General Election 2017 (May 2017)
Trump - What's in store for him now? (Oct 2017)
Catalonia - The call for independence (Oct 2017)
Australia's child sex abuse problems (Dec 2017)
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle announce wedding date (Dec 2017)

Companies, Corporations and Organisations

The Sony Corporation

Al Qaeda
The News of the World
The Nazi Horoscope
Occupy Wall Street
Facebook goes public on Nasdaq
Astrology of the BBC
UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Star Wars (the astrology of)
National Rifle Association

Astrological Subjects

Mother and Father
Neptune's Birthday
The Effect Of Solar Eclipses
The Uranus/Pluto square
Moon Wobble
Astrology versus Science
Solar Eclipse 25th Nov 11
Mars Retrograde
Neptune in Pisces
Saturn Retrograde Feb to Jun 2012
New Moon in Pisces 2012
Mutable Grand Cross Spring 2012
Solar Eclipse in Gemini - 20/21st May 2012
Pluto conjunct fixed star Facies
New moon in Capricorn - 3rd July 12
Mars Uranus Pluto t-square July 2012
Mercury & Uranus Retrograde July 2012
Saturn in Scorpio
Solar Eclipse in Scorpio - 13/11/12
Libra - Peacemaker or troublemaker?
Mercury trine Uranus (Nov 12)
Mars in Capricorn
Jupiter square Chiron
Mars conjunct Neptune
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Full Moon 27/03/13
Mars conjunct Uranus
Full Moon in Libra 27/03/2013
Full Moon in Libra 27/03/2013 (part 2)
New Moon in Aries - 13/04/2013
Pluto Retrograde (Apr 2013)
Lunar Eclipse 25/04/2013
Mars opposite Saturn (Apr 2013)
Grand Water Trine (June 2013)
New Moon in Gemini (June 2013)
Mercury Retrograde (June/July 2013)
Venus square Uranus (June 2013)
New Moon in Cancer 7/07/2013
Grand Water Trine Part 2 (July 2013)
New Moon in Leo 22/07/2013
Grand Sextile of Summer 2013 (July 2013)
Mars moves into Leo (Aug 2013)
New Moon in Virgo 31/08/2013
Venus in Scorpio (Sept 2013)
Mars square Saturn (Sept 2013)
Fixed stars aren't fixed
Full Moon in Pisces 19/09/2013
Venus square Mars (Sept 2013)
Venus enters stars of Libra
New Moon in Libra 5/10/2013
Lunar Eclipse in Aries 18/10/2013
Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 3/11/2013
Astrology and Depression
Uranus Pluto Square (November 13 update)
Venus opposite Jupiter (Nov 2013)
New Moon in Sagittarius 3/12/2013
How does Mars affect how you express love?
Full Moon in Gemini 17/12/2013
New Moon in Capricorn 1/1/2014
Movement of the planets in 2014
New Moon in Aquarius 30/01/2014
Mercury Retrograde (Feb 2014)
Mars Retrograde in Libra (Feb 2014)
Lunar Eclipse in Libra 15/04/2014
Grand Cardinal Cross (Apr 2014)
Mercury conjunct Neptune (Mar 2014)
Unaspected Planets
Solar Eclipse in Taurus 29/04/2014
New Moon in Aries - 30/03/2014
Grand healing Water Trine (May 2014)
New Moon in Cancer (June 2014)
Mars inconjunct Cancer (Jun 2014)
Full Moon in Capricorn (Jul 2014)
Mercury moves into Cancer (Jul 2014)
New Moon in Leo (Jul 2014)
Mars in Scorpio (Jul 2014)
Fixed Stars - A complete guide (Aug 2014)
New Moon in Aquarius (Aug 2014)
Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio (Aug 2014)
New Moon in Libra (Sept 2014)
Grand Fire Trine of 2014 (Sept 2014)
Lunar Eclipse of 8th Oct 2014
Jupiter Saturn Neptune t-square Apr to Jun 2016
Mercury retrograde in Taurus Apr/May 2016
The full Moon in Sagittarius - May 2016
Mutable Grand Cross and Gemini New Moon (June 2016)
Venus Retrograde in 2017
New Moon in Aries (Mar 2017)
Saturn square Chiron (Mar 2017)
Full Moon in Libra (Apr 2017)
Mercury Retrograde in Spring 2017 (Apr 2017)
Neptune unaspected in April 2017
Pluto goes retrograde (Apr 2017)
New Moon in Taurus (Apr 2017)
Full Moon in Scorpio (May 2017)
The Great Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 (Oct 2017)
Saturn square Chiron (Oct 2017)
Saturn enters sting of Scorpio (Nov 2017)
The 2018 Ascendant Horoscopes (Dec 2017)
Saturn in Capricorn 2018 - 2020 (Dec 2017)
New & Full Moon Positions for 2018 (Dec 2017)
Movement of outer planets in 2018 (Dec 2017)

Fixed Stars

Mars Conjunct Antares

Mars Conjunct Acumen
Venus Conjunct Arcturus & Spica
Mars Conjunct Pluto on Facies
Jupiter Retrograde Conjunct Aldebaran
Mars Conjunct Vega
Mars conjunct Rukbat
Venus conjunct Antares
Venus Conjunct Ras Alhague
Venus Conjunct Facies
Mars Conjunct Sualocin
Mercury and Sun Conjunct Altair
Saturn Conjunct Acrux
Mars Conjunct Fomalhaut
Saturn Conjunct Alphecca
Neptune Conjunct Sadalmelek
Mars conjunct Ankaa and Achernar
Mars conjunct Scheat
Jupiter conjunct Aldebaran
Mercury conjunct Deneb Adige
Sun and Venus conjunct Scheat
Mars conjunct Alpheratz
Venus conjunct Al Rescha
Venus conjunct Mirach
Sun and Mars conjunct Al Rescha
Venus conjunct Hamal and Schedar
Jupiter conjunct Capella
Mars conjunct Capulus
Uranus conjunct Alderamin
Mercury conjunct Sirius
Mercury conjunct Canopus
Mars conjunct Aldebaran
Venus conjunct Sirius
Jupiter conjunct Polaris
Mars and Jupiter conjunct Murzims
Mars conjunct Alhena
Venus conjunct Zosma
Mars conjunct Sirius
Mars conjunct Procyon
Jupiter conjunct Sirius
Mars conjunct Acubens
Mars conjunct Dubhe
Venus conjunct Acrux and Alphecca
Venus conjunct Zuben Elgenubi & Zuben Eschamali
Venus conjunct Agena
Mars conjunct Regulus
Jupiter conjunct Castor
Venus conjunct Ras Algethi
Mars conjunct Thuban
Venus conjunct Aculeus
Mars conjunct Zosma
Mars conjunct Alkes
Saturn conjunct Zuben Eschamali
Mars conjunct Diadem
Mars conjunct Vindemiatrix
Neptune conjunct Fomalhaut
Jupiter conjunct Canopus
Jupiter conjunct Sirius
Venus conjunct Vega
Mars conjunct Spica
Saturn conjunct Agena
Venus conjunct Sualocin
Mars conjunct Algorab
Uranus conjunct Alpheratz
Mercury conjunct Menkar
Venus conjunct Menkar
Venus conjunct Alcyone
Jupiter conjunct Procyon
Venus conjunct Rigel
Venus conjunct Bellatrix
Venus conjunct Capella & Phact
Venus conjunct Betelgeuse & Polaris
Mercury conjunct Murzims
Mercury conjunct Alhena
Mars conjunct Acrux and Alphecca
Venus conjunct Alderamin
Mars conjunct Menkar (Mar 2017)
Saturn conjunct Eltamin
Uranus conjunct Al Kurhah
Mars conjunct Capulus/Algol
Mars conjunct Alcyone
Mars conjunct Aldebaran
Sun conjunct Algol
Mars conjunct Bellatrix
Pluto conjunct Rukbat

Ingress Charts

UK Aries Ingress Chart
US Aries Ingress Chart
Japan Aries Ingress Chart
Aries Ingress Russia and Crimea 2014
Aries Ingress UK 2014
Aries Ingress USA 2014

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