Astrology by Paul Saunders : America and Guns - The Astrological link between Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland...

Thursday, 22 February 2018

America and Guns - The Astrological link between Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland...

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For years now on my Astrology website I have followed America as a nation become more and more divided over the most controversial of subjects, that of the ownership of guns. The conflict between the proliferation of guns and the 2nd Amendment of their constitution to bare arms to protect themselves. Notice the language I used - to protect themselves!! Somehow over the years, this statute laid down by the early founding fathers had in my eyes become misconstrued into being a right to own and use guns, no matter how powerful and dangerous they may be. America has always been a violent place, but a new low was reached in 1999 as the use of guns was used in an educational facility, an attack that shocked and horrified a nation.


That attack was the Columbine mass school shooting at 11.19 hrs on 20th April 1999. That horrific act started an Astrological chain reaction that has moved on through the Sandy Hook school shooting through to the the Parkland shooting just a few days ago. Amazingly all of these school shootings are intimately connected through Astrology.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the perpetrators of a planned attack on the Colorado school of Columbine where 15 students and one teacher were murdered and another 21 were injured. The Astrological chart of that attack saw a deadly fixed t-square on the chart, with Mars (the planet of guns & violence) in Scorpio opposite to Saturn (the planet of loss) in Taurus squared onto the Neptune (the planet of sacrifice, suffering and chaos) in Aquarius. This shooting in the US was the first of its kind on a place of education, and as such us Astrologers can use it as a base for future events.


The Ascendant of the Columbine shooting was 20.47 degrees Cancer and putting the Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings against Columbine a very chilling picture emerges. For Sandy Hook, transiting Mars, the planet of guns and violence was at 21.05 degrees Capricorn, right on the Descendant of the Columbine chart and for Parkland, transiting Pluto, the planet of death, brutality and inevitable change was at 20.15 degrees Capricorn again within a degree of the 20.47 Capricorn descendant on the Columbine chart.


All three are incredibly linked on this axis, and therefore this 20 degrees Can/Cap axis must in some way be linked into the natal US chart, and yes they are. You see on the natal US chart, be it the Sibly chart of 17.10 hrs 4th July 1776 (above) or the Articles of the Confederations chart of 15th Nov 1777 at 12.46 hrs, the two most commonly used charts for the United States, Chiron, the planet of wounding sits at 20 degrees Aries, exactly square to this 20 Cancer/Capricorn Axis. Chiron in Aries signifies wounding and hurt through guns and violence, and this is something that has perpetuated through the ages in American history. I've taken out the other aspects so that you can see better.

Chiron is the planet of wounding and healing and guns have been seen as the cause and the solution for many years. Now in Greek myth, Chiron was a centaur and they were also known as teachers and educators. How ironic then that this natal US Chiron was squared on all three of the occasions of a major school shooting that rocked the USA?? It shows potentially that the schools and the educational system may be the place where the wounding takes place in the USA, and also where the healing comes from, and the protests from young people are now dictating the agenda in regards to guns in the US.

So, is President Trump listening? Well the meeting at the White House yesterday was unprecedented in my memory, and it seemed as if President was moved by what he saw and heard. He has a difficult balancing act to achieve, as the Republicans are hugely funded by the NRA and he backed them vociferously during his election campaign, however the President is now facing a severe challenge from the youth of America who want to see urgent change. They are unafraid, have nothing to lose unlike the senators who have to be wary of mid term elections, and are the first generation in my memory in the US who actively are starting to open a conversation about firearms, and why they are so prevalent in US life. Remember that the last solar eclipse at 27 degree Aquarius opposed President Trump's Mars, and low and behold opposition to his defence of the gun lobbyists is being aimed at him. Astrology predicted this conundrum for the President just two weeks ago.

In Astrology, the progressed chart is used for looking at long term trends in any chart, and the progressed natal chart for the US perfectly describes the situation going on.


First of all the progressed Sibly chart and this sees the progressed Mars (the planet of guns and violence) at 17 degrees Libra opposing progressed Chiron at 17 degrees Aries (the planet of wounding and healing) squared onto Jupiter (the planet of justice, education and knowledge) at 15 degrees Cancer. This t-square perfectly describes the tension of the moment with Jupiter, representing the schools and education system being the focus of the guns vs hurt and the search for healing.


Secondly I look at the other progressed US chart and here you can see a striking grand water trine with Mars (the planet of guns and violence) conjunct to Mercury (the planet of communication, debate and of young people) both in Cancer, the sign of the nation, the family and of security. These planets also make trines to Saturn (the planet of loss and of the administration) in Scorpio the sign of change and transformation and to the Moon (the planet representing the general public) in Pisces, the sign of the collective, sacrifice and suffering. Here is the debate going on in the US as clear as day.

Two other things that I want to point out. The US progressed Ascendant on the US Stolte (Articles of the Confederations) chart has just recently changed signs from the sit on the fence, diplomatic sign of Libra into the hard line, black or white, powerful and deeply emotional sign of Scorpio. This sign is one of transformation, it is also a sign of big business, and it perfectly describes President Trump as the big corporate President (Scorpio) following on from Obama who was much more even handed (Libra). It means in the US' future will be much linked to power and change in the coming years.

Secondly going back to the Columbine, Sandy Hook & Parkland combined triple chart, with Pluto now on that 20.47 degree axis, this means that the planet of inevitable change will now be square to the US Chiron. Now will be a time of deep discussion and looking back to the initial years of the birth of the US and solving some of the inherent problems that the young US nation set in progress. The use of guns and how they relate to US life may be one of these issues that will now need to be purged and cleaned up by Pluto.

For the sake of everyone in that nation, I hope the Astrology points the way to change, new regulations and solutions to heal the hurts of the past...