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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sagittarius Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018


These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth. If you know these details then you can find your Ascendant sign through the following link

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Once you know your Ascendant sign then I hope that you'll find these carefully written predictions will be much more accurate and informative than your normal Sun sign Horoscopes. One other tip. If you know that your Ascendant degree is 25 –29 degrees Sagittarius, then I suggest you read Capricorn instead as it may be more accurate for you.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark these pages for future reference, and to check back to see if what I have predicted came true for you. As accurate as these horoscopes may be, they can never be as spot on as a personal reading will be. If you are interested in one for the future, please get in touch with me.

Ok, so Sagittarius Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.

Pluto in the financial angle of your chart and in short this is an transit completely transforming what you own and how you earn your money and regular income. What it is doing is changing your attitudes to the material world and in effect the longer you hold onto the material possessions of the past that are dear to you, the longer there will be in the delay of bringing fresh new growth into your life. This could be a painful few years however once the transit is complete it will forever alter your value systems, and what you believe that you need to live.

Neptune is passing through the sector of your chart associated with the home, your family and domestic affairs. This is a very psychological transit and you will be drawn very much to spirituality and weird and wonderful beliefs in the next few years. Confusion could surround your home and where you live and you could drift from place to place. It might be that where you once felt secure within the four walls of your home, you will now start to feel less confident and unsettled. You may have some kind of ideal place where you want to live and this could see you working towards creating your dream home, Neptune's influence here could be to encourage you to beautify your living space and home.

Uranus is progressing through your house of love and individuality and here it will revolutionize all your forms of self-expression. I suspect that you will be very much drawn to experiencing new things, taking chances not only in creative and sporting activities but with your heart too. Any relationships formed here will be exciting, often spontaneous and while the electricity lasts they will take over your life, but they are unlikely to be lasting. One thing is sure, your attitude to relationships may be affected radically during this time. If you are involved in any creative work, this could be an inspiring period of time and your ideas will be innovative and fresh. This is the house of children, and any children you have association to may cause you problems, or you may have unusual experiences with them. Between 16th May and 6th November Uranus will temporarily shift just into Taurus however this change of sign is highly unlikely to invoke a change of house for you too too, however it's change of sign may just allow us to see a noticeable and generational shift in all our value systems.

Saturn the great teacher and planet that holds us all to account just changed signs before the start of 2018 and it begins it's progression Capricorn and the money and financial part of your chart. Saturn is restrictive and authoritarian in nature and you may find that nasty old Saturn grabs or drains money or your possessions out of your grasp, like grains of sand falling between your fingers. At this point in your life, Saturn is teaching you to exist with the bare minimum so that you will appreciate the value of life itself. The more you fight against Saturn the more he will hurt you, so you may be wise to lessen your dependence on material possessions in order to restructure you life in a more efficient way. You'll especially notice these matters coming to the fore in mid April and the first week of September, times when Saturn grinds to a halt before turning direction, and thus increasing in influence and power.

Jupiter for most of the year is in the sign of Scorpio into the quiet psychological backwaters of your chart, the house of suffering and solitude. You will be able, either by yourself or with the aid of others to step back, find some direction & work out why you have arrived at this point in your life. I suspect that issues to do with the things you learned from your parents when you were young may have a bearing on what you are feeling now. This is a place of spiritual development and awareness and you may be drawn to assist or aid people who may be less fortunate or suffering in some manner in order to understand your own issues. The generosity of Jupiter may see you investing your time in charity affairs or just interested in doing your little bit to help. Expect these matters to come to the fore especially in the 2nd weeks of March and July around the time when Jupiter slows, stops and changes direction.

Right let's get into the real details of what awaits you in 2018.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on financial issues and matters concerning your personal values. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do you'll be more focused on how you express yourself, and what you are learning. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars, the planet of action, is the one that I look at to determine the direction that your life will generally go and we find it as we begin the year in your house of suffering, sacrifice and solitude alongside Jupiter. These planets meet up on and around 8th January As a result, you will find that you are concentrating your efforts in the main out of the public's gaze and behind closed doors. You may have pulled back from society as January began and made a conscious decision to exist a little more quietly than you normally would do. This aspect encourages you to act in a generous manner, so any work assisting others, elderly people, the disabled, those who are ill or those with special needs may be very rewarding for you. You can also do extensive research through this connection and assist reaching a wide audience through work and deeds you do behind the scenes.

Jupiter is forming a sextile to Pluto and this on your chart indicates a shift in your personal values. Jupiter in the part of your chart affecting your unconscious mind brings an opportunity to explore hidden issues and to learn about your fears, worries and concerns, and to open out to them. Now the sextile to Pluto is an opportunity to delve deep beneath the surface and purge yourself of any hang ups and insecurities that you are suffering from. Once you start to understand the deep hidden motivations buried within yourself, you can then start to adjust your value systems, as you will have a new information to work with. Seek out those with knowledge who can help you with this process.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you having to adjust your ideas and maybe making a sacrifice in regard to the one you love, children or on behalf of a, creative project, hobby, sport or out of hours pastime that you do. Your own selfish or egotistical actions might be to blame for the reaction that you are receiving from others, and it might be a time to look at your own behaviour and adapt accordingly.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and the focus will shift towards how you feel about yourself. Personally you'll start to feel more enthusiastic, active, assertive and will be noticed far more by others around you. You will tend to stand up for yourself and your views much more readily, and if you are challenged then you will not hold back in defending yourself. Mars boosts your energy and you will be able to get much more done than normal during this transit.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters of higher learning, beliefs, travel and cultural ties that you have, law and legal matters, publishing and issues connected with in-laws and extended families. Emotional issues and changes linked to these parts of life may likely affect you during the next six months or until the summer eclipse season begins.


Overview - The Sun, Mercury and Venus all start off the month in Aquarius and our propensity to communicate and network with people lasts until around mid month. Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 18th. During the second half of February you will be looking to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet at home and to concentrate more on family matters.

The next planetary action that you'll be encountering is a Solar Eclipse on 15th February this time in the sign of Aquarius. This eclipse will bring about changes in how you communicate and express yourself. It will highlight communications of all kinds, as well as agreements, contracts, letters and emails, advertising, learning new things, local travel and vehicles, matters concerning local people, neighbours and brothers and sisters. Again these issues may be prevalent for you moving forward through the first half of 2018.

The 17th February sees Mars square to Neptune and this moment may see you making a sacrifice for your family or for people you live with. There may be confusion or chaos at home in some regard, or maybe actions that were hidden from you previously by someone at home may be revealed. Your forthright approach to life at this minute might not go down so well with family members, and anything you try to carry out may suffer because of hidden problems that come to light. You may have a creative vision for how you'd like your house or apartment to look. Use the vision you have now, but don't make any firm plans yet. Best to jot down your ideas for later on when the planets are in a kinder formation, as initiating work now may be a big mistake. Stay focused and try to be honest in your endeavours in regard to your dealing with parents and women in general, and be prepared to help them if they need assistance.


Overview – Mercury and Venus both enter Aries from 6th March and from this time you will begin to think of your own needs, your love life, children, your free time activities and hobbies. The Sun follows on afterwards into Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20th March starting a brand new Astrological year and these themes will be even more prominent in your thoughts. Venus enters strong and stable Taurus on the last day of the month.

Moving into March, Mars and Uranus in a trine aspect gives you great self confidence, even to the extent of arrogance that you can do your own thing at the expense of others. Speed, risk and excitement will be of the essence through this connection as will be a love of technology, science and anything new. These will be exciting and inspiring times in your love life where you may wish to experiment, matters with children will be fun and maybe you'll be taking on new challenges and personal endeavours?

On the 17th of the month Mars enters the sign of Capricorn representing your house of money and values. You may be impulsive in what you buy and in how you spend and you may now tend to identify yourself in material terms. There will be a slightly selfish attitude about you in the way that you will acquire now, others will see but you won't be fully aware of it and you may get into disputes over who owns something. Mars is a planet of action so therefore what you have and the things that belong to you may be of use now, and possessions that were hidden away or being stored may be cleaned off and required.

On the 24th March Mercury moving in your house of love and individuality halts turning retrograde. Now with the planet of the mind functioning in a more internal way, you might struggle to get your creative ideas out into the open world, inspiration may not be with you. You might not be in so jocular a mood and you may find communicating with the one you love or with children that little bit harder and matters concerning your pastimes and out of work activities may not go smoothly. What you may enjoy will be activities from the past that you used to do, maybe when you were much younger? A former lover may suddenly contact you without warning.


Overview – The inner solar bodies now start to diverge, as Venus moves onwards into Taurus highlighting your every day work, routines, service and health. Mercury remains in Aries all month as it is moving retrograde making you review your love life, children's matters and individual pastimes. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th just before Venus moves into mutable Gemini on the 24th April, putting more of an onus on partnerships and your relationships.

It is now April and Mars conjuncts with Saturn on and around the 2nd day of the month. These two planets are going to make you work hard for every single penny that you earn now, there will be no short cuts and you will have much to do. This conjunction also makes you look seriously at your values and financial situation in order to work out what's best for you in the future. Financial or business plans that are set in action now may see slow but steady growth.

On the 14th April Jupiter and Pluto make a easy looking sextile and matters linked to events triggered by the first connection of these planets on 16th January may reoccur. You may be examining your spiritual values now and you may want to explore yourself on a more psychological level. To this end you may need a little space for yourself to do this properly. You can make deep fundamental changes now that will help you cope with life and the hidden challenges that occasionally test you. You may find that you have to deal with doctors, medical people or social helping services now. There is one more connection of these planets when Jupiter is moving direct, active on and around 12th September. Mercury retrograde finishes a day later and you should feel a bit brighter and in the coming days more inventive and willing to have some fun.

On the 26th April Mars and Pluto combine in Capricorn so you may get quite obsessed over things you own, want to own or something that someone else owns or has. This conjunction can either be used in a subtle manner or more brutally, and your approach now to business situations could be quite ruthless, you may be in a mood to get your own way. This applies to money making and over your personal finances. You may be more than secretive over how much you are making and what you are doing with your resources.


Overview – The Sun is in Taurus at the start of this month and Mercury picking up speed joins it in this sign on the 13th May. These planets are going to allow you to work well in situations were a grasp of the details is needed. You'll be focused in on work, routines and health matters before Venus moves into Cancer on the 18th May. Here she will concentrate you on your intimate life, matters linked to other people's money and values, things shared and owed. The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini on 21st and 29th respectively to make you be much more aware of partnership and relationship matters.

Into May and on the 16th of this month Mars marches into the sign of Aquarius. Mars is slowing down approaching a retrograde period, and as a result of this Mars will spend longer in this sign than he normally would do. For you with an Sagittarian Ascendant it's transit will emphasise communication issues, in particular letters, invitations, phone calls, emails and short trips all taking up much more of your time. You may also get into some kinds of disputes with local people, with schools or educational facilities, brothers and sisters too and while you are driving and travelling about, you may get overly annoyed with other people's actions, especially if they are going too slowly for you liking. On the positive side, you may be able to join up and with others who live near to you in community projects and plans.

On the same day Mars will square Uranus which itself will have just moved into the sign of Taurus. This is an important fixed square, the first of three contacts in total and for you this is likely to make you very impulsive and stubborn over finances, business dealings or purchasing or selling things. You will want to haggle and get the best price and that's great, but are you buying out of necessity or out of ego to prove your own worth? Make sure that what you buying is actually needed first, before you waste your resources. There will be a rebellious reaction in you to anyone who tries to get you to force your hand. This is also a rather reckless aspect and you should be aware that shocks and accidents may happen because of being in a hurry. The other two dates where this aspect will be in operation will be around 2nd August and also 18th September 2018.

On 25th May Jupiter still in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, the second of three aspects (the first of these occurred on 3rd December 2017). This is a nice easy trine and through it your ability to connect with others on a spiritual level will rise. There will be a very sacrificial side to this trine and you may use it to empathise with other people and use your generosity to assist those less fortunate than you are. There's a sense of caring that I pull out of this link up, maybe towards family members and grandparents. There is a flip side to this trine which I believe in your case links into escapism. This link could lead to self denial if you are having problems and it heightens the chance for hiding away from issues. Matters of suffering and psychological problems may increase and expand, and the temptation to take substances and drink alcohol as a form of escapism may be high. There is one more connection of these planets after Jupiter turns direct on and around 19th August.


Overview – How you are relating to partners, loved ones and spouses will be the theme of the Sun and Mercury in Gemini and you'll concentrate on your intimate life, control issues and things owed to others with Venus in Cancer. Your need to talk about these themes rises as Mercury enters Cancer on 12th June just as Venus enters Leo on 13th bringing a desire to learn and to expand your knowledge. The Sun follows into Cancer on the 20th at the Summer Solstice point. You'll want more shared time with your partner, you'll prioritise dealings with powerful people, corporations and banks and you'll want to repay something you owe to someone. Mercury enters Leo on 29th of the month.

As we reach June Mars will spend more time on each degree point slowing before a retrograde period. On the 8th June it links up with the South Node of the Moon, a position of problems leading to situations where something you write or communicate may be taken out of context and either be taken the wrong way or used against you. This may be something you said in the past. You may have technical issues with vehicles, journeys you make may be be frustrating because your progress is hindered, neighbours may object to you in some way as may local people or your brothers and sisters. This, because Mars will go retrograde motion is a connection that will occur three times, the other two dates being on 20th July and 26th September.

Later in the month on 27th June Mars finally reaches a stop stationing retrograde. The time around this date sees Mars at it's most powerful, and you may be extra motivated to make an impression through what you say, but be careful of ignoring other views which may be just as valid. This is a moment where you may be caught up in a very heated debate. From now until the end of August you may find that nothing will go according to plan with regard to contract talks, agreements, and promises made to you. Local people, neighbours or brothers and sisters may waste your time and cause you to delay things and you may have to reschedule appointments and journeys.


Overview – With Mercury and Venus in Leo there's an enthusiasm about you for travel, learning new skills and exploring your beliefs. Venus enters Virgo on 10th July and you'll start how to progress within your job and make more of an impression with the general public. Mercury is slowing again before going retro late in the month. The Sun enters Leo and you will have to balance learning new things alongside the work that you are committed to complete.

Into July and there is a Solar Eclipse on 13th in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse focuses in on the darker side of your life, from secrets that you hold to your sex life. It may herald an interest in the unexplained and with an eclipse here comes inevitable changes, death and rebirth. All matters shared will be important for you in the rest of the year, things and monies you owe to others and where and how you decide to invest your resources. Matters of power and control will also be important as you play the manipulation game.

On the 27th July Mercury now in the sign Leo grinds to a halt and stations retrograde for three weeks. This will be a time to review what you believe in, what you know and what you think the future may hold for you. Are you really following the philosophy in life that you are setting yourself or do you need to make a change of course now? Be very careful if you are taking a long trip or going abroad as unexpected delays and hitches could affect your journey. Legal matters will likely not go smoothly, things may be revised and dates may be pushed back.

On the same day there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that will reinforce the changes and issues brought to the forefront by the Solar Eclipse of 15th February in a more emotional way as your relationships with brothers and sisters, neighbours and local people are tested. The way you interact with others may be called into question and there may be changes with vehicles, technical equipment, journeys you make and appointments that you have to keep.


Overview – Venus is in Virgo for the first few days of August prioritising work and career matters before crossing over into Libra. Your friendships will be boosted as will be your social life. Mercury is in Leo all month and you'll be involved in studies, faith matters and wanting to spread you message far and wide. The Sun moves into Virgo and you'll have to be on hand for your boss and for senior people in your life, including your father.

As we move into August we get the second of the Mars square Uranus aspects on the 2nd (see May) and following on from that event, Uranus stations retrograde on the 8th August. This will be a disruptive period just before a Solar Eclipse where you should expect unusual and unforeseen changes connected to your love life and the one you love, children, spare time activities and creative arts that you are involved in. All this occurs before Mars regresses back into Capricorn on 13th August. During it's regression into this sign you may reset you priorities in business dealings, reassess your finances and your personal values.

As I mentioned, there is a second Solar Eclipse within a month again in the sign Leo on the 11th August spotlighting links to universities, colleges and distance study courses, religion and beliefs, long distance travel and international ties that you have, the law and legal matters, publishing and matters associated with with in-laws and extended families throughout the rest of 2018.
The 19th August finds Jupiter making it's third and final trine to Neptune and I refer you back to May when this aspect first surfaced. The 27th August sees Mars stationing direct in your financial house and financial plans can now be set in motion, you can go out and buy that item you really wanted and you'll start to feel better about yourself.


Overview – The month begins with all three inner bodies in different signs, however from the 6th Mercury enters Virgo and you will start to deal with your career prospects, with boss and senior figures in your life, especially your father. Venus moves into Scorpio from 9th September onwards for quite a long time as she will turn retrograde in this sign. This part of your chart is the one of sacrifice, suffering and solitude and it will signify a more introspective time for you socially. Mercury and the Sun enter Libra on 22nd and 23rd September bringing benefits of cooperation and sharing the load with others.

After this testing August, we move into September and Mars re-enters the sign of Aquarius on the 11th of the month and you'll realise that the delays and interruptions in late June, July and August were actually beneficial, aiding you to redefine your goals. A day later on the 12th Jupiter forms it's third and final sextile to Pluto, and aspect that we last saw on 14th April. Please refer back to this date for more information on how this will affect you. Mars makes it's final square to Uranus on the 18th September (first seen on 16th May) and powering forward now it connects with the South Node of the Moon for a final time on 21st September – please look back to 8th June when this aspect first appeared.


Overview – Venus remains in Scorpio as she slows down and Mercury enters the sign too on the 10th October allowing you to keep a low profile in this month. You will be staying more in the background and happy to help out rather than leading from the front. The Sun makes three in the sign of Scorpio on 23rd October. You will be very aware of your vulnerabilities now and Venus retrograde will allow you to explore them more. Venus moves back into Libra on 31st October.

The month of October unusually sees no major planetary aspects at all but there is one major event as on 6th October Venus slows to a halt now in the sign of Scorpio and begins a 42 day period of retrograde motion. This is a difficult and psychological transit that you'll be enduring in this month. Venus retrograde assesses relationships and values, and in the house of undoing, you'll not only be working out if the relationship your are in is good for you but also there may be a nebulous fear within you if you work out that things aren't quite right for you. There is a potential for sacrifice in this house and a fear of the unknown. Will you sense that things are wrong, but will the fear of the unknown and the “better the devil you know syndrome” kick in to prevent you from making a positive decision, thus you'll be afraid to sacrifice your relationship even if you are hurting inside? You may be racked by worries and insecurities during November, ad maybe it would be wise to hold off any positive decisions until Venus returns to direct motion? One rule of thumb during Venus retrograde. It is unwise to start brand new relationships or make important decisions over finances. Try and resist the urge until Venus moves direct again, even if the situations on offer look too good to be true.


Overview – This month is very much as you were from October, with Venus in retrograde and Mercury in Sagittarius all month slowing and preparing to enter its own new retrograde cycle. It's almost as if you are putting things on hold in November before you can start to progress forward again, I mentioned this in the summary for October. Venus retrograde in Libra starts to reassess your friendships whereas Mercury is allowing you to express your desires more clearly for the moment. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 22nd November and this brings some well needed optimism and self confidence flooding back into your life.

As we move into November, so Venus changes signs back into Libra and for a little while your attention will go onto friendships, group activities, people who are helping you, your social life, social activism and politics, your hopes and dreams and received love from others. You'll ask how relevant these people and activities are in your life and if you should continue on with them. Old friends from the past make make a reappearance into your life.

A time to make a change arrives as Jupiter makes a 150 degree quincunx to Uranus on 8th of the month, and this may encourage you to change tack in a creative sense, asking for more space from the one you love and inspiring children through use of technology, science and other unusual ways. You may take up new pastimes, sports and hobbies now.

The 8th of November is a significant day as Jupiter changes signs moving into it's home sign of Sagittarius. This is a transit of personal expansion for you and you may feel much more confident for the future now that Jupiter is back in your sign. This may see you being more bold in your appearance, and you may put on weight, after all this is the planet of expansion in the part of your chart linked to your body. Here is a chance to learn and grow out of old less desirable habits, and because you are giving a confident appearance and willing demeanour, others may help you to do this. Try not to be too big headed though as this will turn out to be counter productive.

At the same time Uranus still moving retrograde dips back into the sign of Aries for one last time and a week later on the 15th November Mars makes a positive sextile to it. This is an aspect of breaking the mould and not allowing other people to stand in your way. You can be quite determined now to be different, and the reinvention of your free time and out of work activities, your love life and the way you interact with children will continue. This is a slightly risky connection and I would be careful not to cut corners, especially if you are dealing with anything electric, fast or potentially dangerous. New opportunities to advance your aims may come from local sources, neighbours or siblings.

On the 15th November Mars changes signs into elusive Pisces. Mars enters your house of domestic affairs and the family, so these will take up more of your time. In this regard, you may be able to get a lot of work around the house done. Your home and where you live will be on your mind and you will strive hard to bring it up to the standard that you desire, be it through cleaning, painting and decorating or moving your possessions around. More than likely you will not be easy to live with and you may become irritable and upset with family members, especially with parents, or with house mates.

On the 16th November Mars will be square to Jupiter bringing with it a large slice of self confidence, however it will also make you impulsive and almost brash in nature and you will tend to live on the edge of being confident in your abilities with also being arrogant or even accident prone. You may take a risk too far thinking you will be able to get away with it or you may talk yourself into agreeing to something that is way beyond your capabilities. Watch out for incidents at home and try not to take one risk too far thinking you can achieve something without help. Also on this day Venus stations direct in your house of friends and groups and matters surrounding these people may suddenly reach a make or break point now.

At this time there are many changes of planetary direction and signs, and things may be a little confusing. Adding into the mix, Mercury is slowing to a halt in Sagittarius exactly square to elusive and confusing Neptune before turning retrograde two days later on the 18th November. Something at home will not be quite right. Maybe you say something that will be taken the wrong way, maybe someone will do something wrong and cover it up or maybe there will be an issue about something connected to the place where you live that will have to be resolved? In the next three weeks you may have to deal with matters to do with your family, your home, your domestic situation, relations with women and issues to do with things that are concerned with the past . Maybe your family members or women from your past will re-enter your life, maybe you will review your home situation and work out what you need to do to make your living space a better place, might you need to redecorate or rearrange things?

On the 27th November Mars making a constructive sextile to Saturn brings chances to put down firm business proposals that may have long standing appeal. You can also in the same way sort out finances for long term steady growth, purchase something may appreciate in value or make money through selling old items. Your personal values will hold you in good stead now.


Overview – The Sun is leading the way at the beginning of this month in Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus finishing their retrograde periods. You'll be in a more upbeat mood as we end the year after a month where you will have had to deal with a few difficult emotions. It's still best to let things flow and allow events to occur rather than forcing their hand with Venus in Scorpio from 2nd December. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 12th December bringing more certainty and self confidence to you and a willingness to speak your mind. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December, heralding the Winter Solstice.

We enter December and Mercury moves back briefly into Scorpio for 4 days on 2nd December before stationing direct on the 6th of this month, ending it's last retrograde of the year. Mercury at a station in Scorpio will force you to make a choice over a course of action, but it would be best to keep the outcome to yourself for a while. You may have to give up something to gain in the future, or suffer in silence for a while knowing it's for your benefit. During this transit you may have been working on something hidden but important. Wait for the most opportune moment to reveal your ideas and findings.

Mars connects in a conjunction with Neptune just one day later on the 7th of the month. This aspect is one of artistic endeavour but also ones of delusion too. There is a hugely seductive quality about this conjunction and you may be incredibly tempted to deceive someone behind their back, or you may be the victim in a scam or prank played on you. This is a connection of potential weakness and confusion and you may feel ill or under the weather. This aspect affects your home life and family too, so there could be a situation of chaos at home.

There is one last aspect to concentrate our minds this year and this occurs on 17th December with Mars forming a sextile to Pluto. In contrast to the last aspect where there was the potential to lose control, here we will have a tight grip on everything going on, without letting others know that we are manipulating things. At home and in your financial life you can turn things to your advantage. Make subtle changes and make sure at the end of the month that you're in a better position than when you started it.

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