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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Libra Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to your Horoscope in 2018


These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth. If you know these details then you can find your Ascendant sign through the following link

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Once you know your Ascendant sign then I hope that you'll find these carefully written predictions will be much more accurate and informative than your normal Sun sign Horoscopes. One other tip. If you know that your Ascendant degree is 25 –29 degrees Libra, then I suggest you read Scorpio instead as it may be more accurate for you.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark these pages for future reference, and to check back to see if what I have predicted came true for you. As accurate as these horoscopes may be, they can never be as spot on as a personal reading will be. If you are interested in the future, please get in touch with me.

Ok, so Libra Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.

Pluto in the domestic and family sector of your chart will stir up issues that go to the very heart of your being, including those residual ones that you experienced in your home life as you were growing up, in essence childhood matters that were unresolved will now be dealt with. All those hang ups and fears, those things that you have been living with for years will now be faced up to and you will finally start to realise the consequences of what went on then and why, childish attitudes that you had in the past will be banished as you face new truths and situations that test you to the full and force you to change. In a physical sense, your home and family may also change radically too. You may move to a new place of residence, you may alter your house quite extensively and there could be a myriad of other changes in your family circle, from deaths to divorce, births and marriages. Your relationship with parents will change now during this transit as well.

Neptune is in the house of everyday work, routine service and health house so there is a likelihood that you will be more susceptible to illness, infections and health problems. In truth this is a time to be really quite careful and vigilant about the state of your health. You may be adjusting your diet, trying new things, maybe desisting from eating a particular kind of food just because you felt it was the right thing to do. With work, confusion may plague relations with employers and work colleagues and you may be blocked by some unknown force, with people working against your best interests. This transits works really well if you are providing some service to other people or helping them in some manner, as the compassion of Neptune comes flooding out.

Uranus is in the house of relationships and partnerships and being a very disruptive influence, it will shake up all the personal ties that you have in your life, not only in a romantic sense but also in a professional sense too. Uranus does not respect the status quo and it will also exploit any weakness in the partnerships that you have, so if any relationship is or has been on shaky ground, the shock wave sent out by Uranus in this house will probably mean that that relationship, marriage or association will be changed radically beyond recognition. As a result, the need and urge to break free of old relationship patterns and routines will be very strong. This transit can see you opposed by people who openly dislike you, and their erratic behaviour could cause many more disputes and complicated disagreements than is normally the case. Between 16th May and 6th November Uranus will temporarily shift just into Taurus however this change of sign is highly unlikely to invoke a change of house for you too too, however it's change of sign may just allow us to see a noticeable and generational shift in all our value systems.

Saturn is the planet that holds us all to account and it changed signs before the start of 2018 starting a transit through the first half of the sign of Capricorn. This equates to your house of domestic arrangements and families. Saturn is harsh and now his judgement will come to run the rule over your domestic life, so any issues in your home life that you have not dealt with will be targeted. You might have to sort our your living arrangements, disagreements and splits between family members may become apparent, you may have to move house under this transit and even personal relationships may break under the strain that Saturn exudes. Difficult matters concerning parents may also have to be resolved. You'll especially notice these matters coming to the fore in mid April and the first week of September, times when Saturn grinds to a halt before turning direction, and thus increasing in influence and power.

Jupiter now passing through Scorpio and your house of money, possessions, values and self worth. Jupiter is a fortunate influence and during the next few months you may attract wealth and the good things in life to you, but your test will be how you handle these riches. Do you fritter them away by going on a wild spending spree and in the process you waste what you have, or do you realise that the value of what you are attracting to you? It is very easy to be flippant and dismissive of the changes and knowledge acquired while Jupiter is in this part of your natal chart. If you learn to invest a little for a rainy day, and take in all that is being offered to you, then you'll be in a much better position than you were before the year began. Expect these issues to come to the fore especially in the 2nd weeks of March and July around the time when Jupiter slows, stops and changes direction.

Right let's get into the real details of what awaits you in 2018.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and they highlight family and domestic affairs. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do your interest will turn towards love, creative pursuits, pastimes and children's matters. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars is the day to day mover and shaker on the Astrology chart, and as we begin the year he is in your house of money and values with Jupiter, therefore issues of your income and how you earn a living, money, possessions, your personal values and your self worth matter you you most in January.
You may see good things happening in regards to the money you earn or your income on and around 8th of the month. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and if you action things correctly you may be able to really boost your earning power. Of course this is the house where you spend what you have in your bank account, and you may go crazy and impulse buy. Your judgement may be very over the top now and be careful that you don't waste your money, or pay way over the odds for something.

The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto on and around 16th January suggests you investing in something for your home. You may borrow money in relation to your house, start or plan to start making major changes to the structure of it, or maybe there are other changes that are in the pipeline? Your personal values are tied to your family now, to women in your life and your financial security and these themes may be influencing your behaviour at this time.

On the 17th January there is a quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may force and adjustment with you in regard to how you help a partner out financially. A sudden expense or loss of income may put more pressure at this moment in time, and you'll have to adjust your actions to cope. It's also possible that you might go out on a limb and go and buy something unexpected for your loved one, something they completely would not expect.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and your priorities will change towards local matters, how you speak and communicate, relations with neighbours and siblings, matters of travel and vehicles and connections to education and schools. In the coming couple of months you will get busier and you'll tend to make a lot more trips and journeys, deal with more paperwork, contracts, documents and agreements, and you may be associating with your neighbours and people in your local community a lot more. Matters with brothers and sisters may be important too.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters connected to friends, groups, associations, clubs, cooperation, your hopes and dreams plus received love from others.


Overview - The Sun, Mercury and Venus all start off the month in Aquarius so you should be busy with any creative pursuits, love you give out, free time activities and children's matters. Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 18th. During the second half of February you'll be working harder and getting on with the more mundane issues of life; there may be a focus on your healing, health and welfare too.

You will experience another eclipse on the 15th February, this time a Lunar one in the opposite sign to Leo, in Aquarius. This eclipse will spotlight your individual talents and how you are using them, matters of love, hobbies, sports and out of work pursuits, arts, entertainment, taking a risk and children. These issues will be prevalent in the first half of 2018 until the next eclipse season arrives in the Summer.

The 17th February sees Mars making a tense square to Neptune. This square is tricky as it confuses and actions hidden from you may undermine your position. This particular square may affect something you say or is said to you, matters linked to local or community issues, journeys you make or issues linked to brothers and sisters. Work and health issues may be affected too. I would be careful in making agreements as they may be flawed and commit you into difficult situations, Take a step back, take your time and try and sort out the wood from the trees.


Overview – Mercury and Venus both enter Aries from 6th March and matters in your life shifts towards partnerships and relationships issues as well as people who oppose you. The Sun follows on afterwards into Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20th March starting a brand new Astrological year adding extra emphasis to your focus on your partnerships. Venus enters strong and stable Taurus on the last day of the month.

Moving into March, Mars and Uranus combine in an energetic trine that will encourage you to be more individualistic and adventurous in your relationships. You may see some positive and maybe unexpected events between yourself and your partner, and maybe you'll be able to give each other enough space to improve the way you relate to each other? This trine makes you understand that leading a more independent life where on occasion you do your own thing can actually enliven an union. If you can incorporate this into your life then together with the one you love you should be able to move forward and progress.

On the 17th of the month Mars enters the sign of Capricorn and the emphasis in the month ahead shifts as you have to turn your attention to home and family matters. In this regard, you may be able to get a lot of work around the house done. Your home and where you live will be on your mind and you will strive hard to bring it up to the standard that you desire, be it through cleaning, painting and decorating or moving your possessions around. You'll be active in family matters, although you may not be so easy to live with and you may become irritable and upset especially with parents, or with house mates; this transit works on an unconscious level stirring up emotions from the depths of your soul.

On the 24th March Mercury moving in your house of relationships house stops and turns retrograde. Here Mercury asks you to review your partnerships, both personal and professional. It may be time to get things out in the open and to discuss the real issues so that you can set a fresh course. Not doing so could lead to confusion, misunderstandings and eventual problems. Partnership issues from the past that may have affected you could come up again.


Overview – The inner solar bodies now start to go their separate ways, as Venus moves ahead through Taurus turning your gaze towards the intimate side of your relationships, to owed money and anything shared or borrowed from others. Mercury stays in Aries all month as it is moving retrograde making you think more carefully what you say to your partner people who oppose you and the impact that it is having on them. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th just before Venus moves into mutable Gemini on the 24th April, starting to extend your reach to the world around you, and to expand your mind.

It is now April and Mars conjuncts with Saturn on and around the 2nd day of the month. At home you may be confronted by extra demands on you from your family, parents and people you live with. You may realise that whatever you do for them, you'll feel unappreciated. Any matters linked to where you live may drag on or hit a roadblock, from changing the fabric of where you live to cooperation from family members and house mates. You home duties and responsibilities may also rise as others refuse to help, as may your temper. Try and keep your cool and understand that this moment will eventually ease once the connection is ended in a few day's time.

On the 14th April Jupiter and Pluto make a positive sextile and events linked to what happened during the first contact of these planets on 16th January may resurface. There is a chance to reassess your income and spending plans, business opportunities, you possessions in what you need in your life, and what you no longer require, you can have a successful clear out now of possessions and things that you own that you no longer need. There is one more connection of these planets when Jupiter is moving direct, active on and around 12th September. Mercury retrograde finishes now and you can start to get back on track with your partner and in your relationships, normal communication links will be resumed soon.

On the 26th April Mars and Pluto combine in Capricorn bringing a tense atmosphere at home, but one where a transformation of sorts can be achieved. This is a physical aspect and heavy and demanding jobs can be carried out as you will have the determination to do so. This in a home environment this could be linked to home DIY, redecoration, working in the garden and more overt changes to the place where you live, other fundamental changes in your life connected to your family or women in your life may occur too. Matters of jealousy and obsession may plague relations with family members and parents.


Overview – The Sun is in Taurus at the start of this month and Mercury picking up speed joins it in this sign on the 13th May. This is a good window of opportunity to look at money you owe, investments, and shared possessions. Venus in Gemini is allowing you to learn and increase you knowledge before she moves into Cancer on the 18th May. Here she gets you to examine your work situation, career prospects and your public profile. The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini on 21st and 29th respectively to boost your need to study, examine your beliefs and make you more aware.

Into May and on the 16th of this month Mars reaches the sign of Aquarius. Mars is preparing a retrograde period as it slows down, and so this transit is important as Mars will spend longer in this sign than he normally would do. For you with a Libran Ascendant it's transit will spotlight themes connected to love, your individual talents, entertainment, arts and crafts, hobbies, children, speculation and risk taking, games and sport. This transit will make you more competitive in competition situations and in any kind of sports or games. Your urge to achieve personally rises, and you'll be more selfish in your personal desires. You can create now, but maybe you won't have the patience to complete projects through to a finish? You social life will be fun, and you may pursue any love interest ardently. There will be tension in your love life, a lot of action too no doubt but this naturally leads to potential ego clashes with loved ones too. You'll be actively involved with kids, you'll be wanting to keep on the go with them, and they'll be full of energy to wear you out!!

On the same day Mars makes a square to Uranus just into the opening degrees of Taurus. This tense square is likely to see unexpected events or potential flash-points and crisis moments surrounding your family, where you live, your home and who you live with plus matters concerning parents. There may be sudden endings to situations too. Maybe something will break or get damaged? An argument may see someone walking out? As with any Mars and Uranus aspect, watch your speed or haste to get anything done, as you won't be thinking properly and this may lead to accidents or injuries. The other two dates where this aspect will be in operation will be around 2nd August and also 18th September 2018.

On 25th May Jupiter still in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, the second of three aspects (the first of these occurred on 3rd December 2017). This is a idealistic trine connecting both spiritual planets sparking your imagination and creative juices into life. This will be a very artistic moment to fire up your personal talents and your ability to think openly using your intuition and feelings. These planets working well together will allow you to feel what is the correct course of action in whatever projects and plans you have going. There is a downside to any aspect, and here there will be a temptation to escape, lie or take excessive risks. You should try to be honest in all financial and work situations and be true to your core values; don't try to dupe work colleagues or people providing you with a service, as it may backfire on you. Be careful which drugs you are using, as you may have an over the top reaction to any medications, narcotics and/or alcohol. You may make financial sacrifices or something may need fixing. There is one more connection of these planets after Jupiter turns direct on and around 19th August.


Overview – The educational, knowledgeable and open feel continues with Sun/Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Cancer keeps an emphasis on work matters. This part of your life will feel even more important as Mercury enter Cancer on 12th June just as Venus enters Leo on 13th. Now not only will you be focusing on your job but also on cooperating at work with others in teams and group situations. Venus will also encourage you to spend more time with friends out of work. The Sun follows into Cancer on the 20th at the Summer Solstice point. You will want to feel more at the centre of things at work. Mercury enters Leo on 29th of the month.

On arriving in the month of June, Mars slows and spends more time on each degree point. On the 8th June it links up with the South Node of the Moon, a position where he will not be working so well. There could be tough moments involving work projects and creative ideas and things may not go quite right at this time. Prepare for upsets with those you love and with children, you may be disappointed with hobbies you take up as they may not be as interesting or stimulating as you thought they might be. People from the past, in particular male figures may cause you difficulties and their aggressive or overly competitive attitude. Don't take risks or gamble now, as you'll less likely to win or be successful plus physically you may also feel more lethargic than normal. This is another one of these connections that will occur three times, the other two dates being on 20th July and 26th September.

Later in the month on 27th June Mars finally reaches a stop stationing retrograde. The time around this date sees Mars at it's most powerful, and there may be a feeling that you need to act in a positive manner and make a statement, in particular in connection to lovers, children, in connection to your artistic talents or through sports and hobbies. From this point until the end of August you may find that nothing will go quite as you wish in these areas of life. Those you love or children may frustrate you, you may revise or redo creative work and hobbies again and not quite achieve the aims that you initially set out. The best solution may be to spread the risk or your options, and try different ones until you find the one which works best.


Overview – With Mercury and Venus in Leo you will want to enjoy time with friends and to expand your social life a bit. That is until Venus enter Virgo on 10th July and you'll get a feeling for drifting into the background. Mercury is slowing again before going retro late in the month. The Sun moves into the sign of Leo and we will want to be part of a collective in some way, and not on our own.

Into July and there is a Solar Eclipse on 13th in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse focuses on your work life, your career prospects and your public image as well as your parents. You may be more in the public eye in the second half of the year through your work or via other avenues. There could be beneficial changes in your job allowing you to take up a new path, or have new priorities. Events surrounding elderly people, your parents, bosses and those senior to you will come more into view in your life.

On the 27th July Mercury now in the sign Leo grinds to a halt and stations retrograde for three weeks. This moment may see confusion is joint efforts, team situations or involving friends and your ideas and plans may be misinterpreted. In the next three weeks other people including friends and groups will play a bigger part in your life than normal. You may catch up with colleagues and buddies who you haven’t seen in a while or you could feel that some friends have outlived their purpose and you will decide to cut ties with them. This is a time also to review your hopes, your dreams and your plans for the future and work out what is right for you.

On the same day there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that will reinforce the changes and issues brought to the forefront by the Solar Eclipse of 15th February in a more emotional way through relationship situations rather than through outside changes. Still it will affect matters of a creative nature, emotional matters with people you love and how you express love to others, situations involving children, your free time activities, taking a risk and spreading your options and hobbies and artistic ventures.


Overview – Venus is in Virgo for the first few days of August and we prefer the quiet life until she crosses into Libra. It's time to focus on you and your personal image, how you look and relate to others. Mercury is in Leo all month and you may be trying to shine in group situations, and you may consult with friends if you need assistance. The Sun moves into Virgo on 22nd August allowing you to drift back into your shell a little.

As we move into August we'll experience the next one of the Mars square Uranus aspects on the 2nd (see May) and following on from that event, Uranus stations retrograde on the 8th August. This could be a time of rebellion and taking things into your own hands, just before a Solar Eclipse suggesting that unexpected events could occur. You may be unusually stuck in your ways and your inability to compromise could wreak havoc for those you live with. All this occurs before Mars regresses back into Capricorn on 13th August. During it's regression into this sign you may assess what you need to do at home and domestically, and settle down the basic foundations of your life, in effect do what makes you ultimately happy and contented.

As I mentioned, there is a second Solar Eclipse within a month again in the sign Leo on the 11th August. Matters surrounding issues with friends, groups and teams you are part of and associations where you are a member, your long term wishes and matter involving the receipt of love from others will see adjustments and changes, and as this happens so your social life and calendar will be affected too throughout the rest of 2018.

The 19th August finds Jupiter making it's third and final trine to Neptune and I refer you back to May when this aspect first surfaced. The 27th August sees Mars stationing direct and we may sense it's time to step forward and choose what action to take at home in regard to our family and where you live. Finally you may have a green light ahead of you as the road ahead clears; it's time to make good on the plans that you've been making.


Overview – The month begins with all three inner bodies in different signs, however from the 6th Mercury enters Virgo and you will start to do some work behind the scenes, in preparation for times ahead. Venus will be in Scorpio from 9th September for quite a while, placing an emphasis on the financial angle of your life, how you earn and use your money. Mercury and the Sun enter your sign of Libra on 22nd and 23rd September boosting your need to communicate and express your ideas and opinions.

After this testing August, we move into September and Mars re-enters the sign of Aquarius on the 11th of the month. Problems and unclear situations in late June, July and August will finally begin to make sense and finally you will realise that they were actually for the best, so that you could reach this point. A day later on the 12th Jupiter forms it's third and final sextile to Pluto, and aspect that we last saw on 14th April. Please refer back to this date for more information on how this will affect you. Mars makes it's final square to Uranus on the 18th September (first seen on 16th May) and powering forward now it connects with the South Node of the Moon for a final time on 21st September – please look back to 8th June when this aspect first appeared.


Overview – Venus remains in Scorpio as she slows down and Mercury adds to your interest in business, financial matters and self-examining your personal values entering this sign on the 10th October. The Sun makes a threesome in the sign of the Scorpion on 23rd October. You will be fully focused on getting the best deal for your money and examining how you earn and spend – this will be a theme of Venus retrograde. She will regress back into Libra on 31st October.

The month of October unusually sees no major planetary aspects at all but there is one major event as on 6th October Venus slows to a halt now in the sign of Scorpio and begins a 42 day period of retrograde motion. Venus in retrograde motion in your house of values will examine how you earn a living and how much you receive, assess business ideas, look at your spending habits and how they can be improved. You will decide what possessions you need and if they need upgrading and you may also adjust your personal values too. You will have more a materialistic view of your self worth and you may purchase things just to make you feel a bit better. Once Venus turns direct mind you, your sense of style will change, and you may realise that what you got wasn't a good idea in the first place, so things may have to be returned in order to get your money back. One rule of thumb during Venus retrograde. It is unwise to start brand new relationships or make important decisions over finances. Try and resist the urge until Venus is progressing direct.


Overview – This month is very much as you were from October, with Venus retrograde and Mercury in Sagittarius all month slowing and preparing to enter its own new retrograde cycle. It's almost as if you are putting things on the back burner in November before you can start to get going again next month. Venus retrograde in Libra is looking at your personal image whereas Mercury is assessing how you communicate with others. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 22nd November and this brings a time when you will be busy with all kinds of local issues, written work, documents and agreements.

As we move into November, so Venus changes signs back into Libra and you'll thinking how you can update your personal image to give you a surge of confidence. This may be through how you look and the clothes you wear, how you feel about your body and in turn how other people see you and relate to you. This is going to be an especially important time for you as Venus rules your chart, and it may be that you see a personal regeneration for you during this month. Jupiter forms a 150 degree quincunx to Uranus on 8th of the month, and maybe by adjusting your spending habits you can purchase something to make you feel better about yourself, and your partner.

The 8th of November is a significant day as Jupiter changes signs moving into it's home sign of Sagittarius. This equates to the your house of the mind and this will stimulate your ideas your mental outlook and as a result you'll feel the need to communicate them to the wider world. This is a time of opening up your life, and letting in people who can extend you as a person. This is the house of transport and your local area, and you may need to make local journeys and trips far more than in the past; maybe because you are making more local contacts. You may be involved in matters involving education facilities and schools, and you could be more in contact now with siblings and getting increasingly involved with events in their lives.

At the same time Uranus still moving retrograde dips back into the sign of Aries for one last time and a week later on the 15th November Mars makes a positive sextile to it. Here we have opportunities to be creative and assertive. This is a great aspect for sports, being artistic, being interested in science and any hobbies that involve a technical expertise. This is an exciting link up that can help invigorate your love life and allow you to inspire children of any age.

On the 15th November Mars changes signs into elusive Pisces. Mars will remain in this sign for the rest of the year and here in the house of work, routine and health. Now is a time to concentrate on the more ordinary side of life. You will do well to keep busy and look after the details and the rest of the project will look after itself. You may be in charge of others and maybe you'd rather not, indeed prefer working on your own now. You could lose patience with colleague and employees who encroach on your work or can't keep up with you. Its also a time to look after yourself through having a good diet and doing exercise to keep your fitness up. Try to stay active, otherwise you may get irritable, stressed out and anxious.

On the 16th November with Mars squares off to Jupiter and you should be a little careful how you address work colleagues as you may be a little less than tactful under this influence. You may also overdo things if you are exercising, beware of thinking you can get away with doing more than you are able to achieve. This is a good hearted aspect though and your will to win, verve, drive and enthusiasm will be infectious, and you'll be able to inspire others to do their best also.

There are a lot of changes of planetary direction and signs in the middle of the month, and things may be a little confusing. Adding into the mix, Mercury is slowing to a halt in Sagittarius exactly square to elusive and confusing Neptune before turning retrograde two days later on the 18th November. Anything written or said to you may have an underlying motive hidden behind it and there is a chance of being confused or deceived therefore wait a few days until this square has dissipated before you make any firm decisions in any area of life. During the rest of the retrograde, you'll try and review any communications, documents, contracts and the like before you agree to them, some may have to be revised before you'll be happy. Letters, emails or parcels potentially could get lost and you may suffer transport delays or cancellations. Technical issues could hamper you and you may try to reconnect with brothers, sisters and people in your local area.

On the 27th November Mars making a constructive sextile to Saturn helps you to concentrate on your work, routines and gives you a serious attitude to health matters. You will be able to make some good progress for the future, have good command of any detailed plans and projects initiated may do well in the longer term.


Overview – The Sun is leading the way at the beginning of this month in Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus finishing their retrograde periods. The Sun is highlighting local issues and connecting with people. On the 2nd December Venus re-enters Scorpio. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 12th December bringing an increase of communications for you. You will be very busy and running a lot of extra errands and journeys. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December, heralding the Winter Solstice.

We enter December and Mercury moves back briefly into Scorpio for 4 days on 2nd December before stationing direct on the 6th of this month, ending it's last retrograde of the year. Mercury at a station in Scorpio will force you into making financial or value based choices, you may be faced with a dilemma where you take one course of action or another, and now you'll have to choose.

It's probably best that you delay any actual choice until after Mars connects in a conjunction with Neptune just one day later on the 7th of the month. This is a decidedly difficult connection that is on the one hand incredibly creative, but on the other highly likely to encourage very deceptive action. You may feel very depleted of energy as this occurs in your house of health, and you should be wary of illness. See out assistance if you aren't feeling great. This also affects your work and relations with work colleagues. Thing may not be as they seem and be aware of mistakes made, actions being deliberately hidden from you or done behind your back. Your routines may be turned on their heads, or work may seem chaotic and completely disorganised for a short while.

There is one last aspect to concentrate our minds this year and this occurs on 17th December with Mars forming a sextile to Pluto. Here is a chance to concentrate your effort after this disruptive time, effect needed changes and to repair anything that was broken. Things at work or connected to your health may need fixing or improving. You'll will be in a position to make inner changes and you'll be quietly persuasive; finally you can set out your systems and make a difference to suit your needs.

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