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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Cancer Ascendant - The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Your Horoscope in 2018


These predictions have been written to fit your Ascendant sign, and that is dependent not only on the day your were born but also the time that you were born as well as the place of your birth. If you know these details then you can find your Ascendant sign through the following link

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Once you know your Ascendant sign then I hope that you'll find these carefully written predictions will be much more accurate and informative than your normal Sun sign Horoscopes. One other tip. If you know that your Ascendant degree is 25 –29 degrees Cancer, then I suggest you read Leo instead as it may be more accurate for you.

I strongly suggest that you bookmark these pages for future reference, and to check back to see if what I have predicted came true for you. As accurate as these horoscopes may be, they can never be as spot on as a personal reading will be. If you are interested in one for the future, please get in touch with me.

Ok, so Cancer Ascendants, what does 2018 hold in store for you? Well it's natural to starting with the outer planets and how they are affecting you in general and this is a summary of where they are moving before I move on to a more detailed chronological look at the year ahead.

Pluto in the relationship part of your chart is also changing the control issues within them. This aspect will be a definite sign that the balance of power within any permanent relationships you are in will be subtly shifting. During this transit, this planet is transforming your attitudes to your marriage and one to one relationships including professional contacts. As long as your marriage and important contacts are based around emotional intensity for your partner and even handed respect for your dealings with others, then you should thrive but if there is any tensions that are already present could exacerbate them considerably. The contacts with people outside your marriage and permanent relationships will be affected quite radically, including those who openly oppose you. Any conflicts that you find yourself entering may be nasty and destructive and you may be on the end of undermining or sneaky tactics.

Neptune, the planet of no boundaries is moving through the house of the higher mind and, so your imagination during this period of your life will be stimulated like never before. As a result, you may find yourself equally confused and unable to decide who or what to believe because, there are so many possibilities. Maybe in spiritual terms and in learning new skills, in experiencing travel and new cultures, all influenced by this house you should “go with the flow”, let your guard down and follow your instincts as they will lead you down the right road. This transit has the sense of being at one with the world, on floating away on a cloud of information, so let your compassion flow out.

Uranus is progressing through your house work and career. This will for certain see you wanting to move in a new and more radical direction as your ambitions fire up. This is the house of your personal reputation and this transit will no doubt see a change in the way the world sees you. Often during this transit, rebellion stokes up in your heart, especially against people in control, bosses and employers. Your will see them as old fashioned and stuck in their ways, where as you will want to push forward and see new techniques and ways of doing things coming through. Should anyone hold you down in your ambitions now, you are likely to break away and do things your way, which will certainly breed some tension. You may have been forced out of your job in recent times or if you are unhappy, you may just up sticks, leave your position completely and quit.

Saturn the great teacher and planet that holds us all to account just changed signs before the start of 2018 and it begins it's progression through the first half of the sign of Capricorn, connected as with Pluto to the relationship sand partnerships that you have. You will be finding that people who you live with, work with you or those who advise you will be putting huge pressures on you now. What they are asking of you will be extremely difficult and it will take a great deal of effort on your part to satisfy their needs. Relationships of all kinds will feel the strain as Saturn exerts it's influence. Some of these may literally crack or break apart if they are not based upon trust and mutual cooperation, however those which do survive will in time become stronger than ever.

Jupiter for most of the year is in the sign of Scorpio which in your case relates to your house of love, your individual talents, pastimes, hobbies and children. Wherever Jupiter goes it normally brings fortune and expansion in your life, so joy and fun and good times can be had and experienced with children while Jupiter is passing through this house, and you should have success in all recreational pursuits, hobbies and areas of your life where you can exhibit some individual talent. Jupiter is opening your personal talents out to the world and you may well benefit monetarily from your artistic efforts. This is also the house of lovers and love given. The temptation to be generous to a loved one is very strong now, and love affairs should be not only enjoyable but also you may learn a lot about yourself and your partner too. Expect these issues to come to the fore especially in the 2nd weeks of March and July around the time when Jupiter slows, stops and changes direction.

Right let's get into the real details of what awaits you in 2018.


Overview - The Sun and Venus are in Capricorn as we start this year and Mercury joins them in this sign on 11th January and there is a general focus on relationship matters. Between 18th and 20th January both the Sun and Venus shift into Aquarius and as they do your values and ideas move over to what you owe others and to matters connected to debt, investments and sharing. Mercury follows on behind moving into Aquarius on the last day of the month.

Mars starts the year in the sign of Scorpio right with Jupiter. This part of your chart corresponds your house of individuality thus these two planets will focus your attention on matters of love, creative talents , hobbies, sports, entertainments and children in January. Mars and Jupiter make a conjunction on 8th January and this will fill you with lots of optimism and enthusiasm. This is a great time for doing sports or adventure type activities and getting out and about doing all kinds of hobbies and pastimes. You'll be in a super generous to a loved one or to kids. Get creative and do something special.

On 16th January Jupiter and Pluto combine in a sextile giving you a chance to refresh a relationship situation or allow a new one to enter your life. Your optimism, openness and generous spirit can go a long way to persuading someone that you are worth persevering with, and doors may be opened to a new love in your life or the renewal of an existing one. This aspect also allows you to deal with children and exerts some control over them and you may be able to summon up instinctive creative potential from within for any artistic or design work. On the 17th January there is a 150 degree quincunx between Mars and Uranus, and this may see you having to change your attitudes to a lover, children or out of work hours activities. Be careful if you are doing any risky activities, this is an aspect of accidents.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 26th and the focus will shift towards everyday work, routines, service and health. Now and in the next two months you will start to take care of the details in your life. Mars encourages you to work very hard here and you will tend to throw yourself in to anything to see how much you can get done, indeed it is a really good idea to keep yourself busy at this time, as if you are not active, then health problems might crop up, especially related to stress or frustration. Health wise, you may be in a mood to do some active fitness work to keep yourself in trim and this will be a good idea as if you don't you can be more susceptible to infections, colds or other ailments that will drag you down. Accidents, trips and falls can also be a by-product of Mars transiting in this part of your horoscope.

On the 31st January we have the first of five eclipses this year, a lunar eclipse in Leo to start things off. This eclipse will highlight matters of your values, finances and how you earn your income, your business, possessions and self worth. Any one of these matters will be subject to emotional change in the following few months.


Overview - The Sun, Mercury and Venus all start off the month in Aquarius and our focus on that which you owe, other peoples values and possessions and matters of control and power lasts until around mid month. Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th and the Sun and Mercury follow on the 18th. During the second half of February you will be looking to learn a bit more, to expand your knowledge, to travel and expand your reach to others.

Following on from the first Lunar Eclipse is a Solar one on 15th February this time in Aquarius. The issues of money owed to lenders, anything shared or loaned to you, investments, other people's values, big business, sex and intimacy, power, control, secrets, death and inheritance, and the unexplained will also be in the spotlight in the months ahead, and you may expect to see challenges and changes in these areas of life as we move forward through 2018.

The 17th February sees Mars square to Neptune and this moment may see you making a sacrifice for work purposes or feeling confused over the attitudes or actions of your colleagues. You may be feeling depleted in energy and this may lead to a health problem. It is possible that you will take up an alternative health remedy to try and improve your well being, or you may start up and alternative form of healing and health therapy. If you are employing other people to fix things and provide other services for you, make sure they are supervised properly, otherwise they may cut corners, do a bad job or leave hidden problems that might only show up in the future.


Overview – Mercury and Venus both enter Aries from 6th March and from this time you will start to feel much more assertive, alive and more self confident at work, not only personally but in dealing with your boss too. The Sun follows on afterwards into Aries at the Spring Equinox on 20th March starting a brand new Astrological year giving you the belief to do well in your career and in any public sphere. Venus enters strong and stable Taurus on the last day of the month.

Moving into March, Mars and Uranus in a trine asks you to be more individualistic and revolutionary in your work. You may want to try out now techniques and you can make progress now if you take an innovative or scientific approach. You may want to get involved in public projects, and you may try out different health or exercise techniques to make yourself fitter and stronger.

On the 17th of the month Mars enters the sign of Capricorn and the emphasis shifts again as relationship and partnership issues start to be more prevalent for the next couple of months. Mars in truth is not a planet of give and take and so your relations with anyone close may be fun, but also prone to flash disagreements. At the very least, you will be able to get any important issues between yourself and your partner/loved ones out into the open so that you can discuss them freely; there is a sense that one can purge many of the troubles that may have been unsaid or festering away within any relationship. In a romantic sense, the next couple of months will be a great time to enjoy being with your partner.

On the 24th March Mercury moving in your house of career stops and turns retrograde. Be careful how you express yourself to bosses now as your words may be taken out of context. In the next three weeks you will be reviewing your work prospects, and how you relate to bosses and others in charge of you. Do you need a change of role or attitude now to bring yourself up to date? Is the way you are expressing yourself really true to yourself or not? You might get a promotion or you may lose your work position under this influence, or you may have to deal with duties and matters from the past in your job. In a similar vein, it will be a good time to complete work that you had already started, however be careful in taking on any new work clients or employees as they may not be suitable in the long run.


Overview – The inner solar bodies now start to diverge, as Venus races ahead through Taurus focusing your values and desires on your friends, group and team efforts plus social and community projects. Mercury stays in Aries all month as it is moving retrograde making you think more carefully what you say to employers and the impact that it is having on influential people in your life. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th just before Venus moves into mutable Gemini on the 24th April, starting to activate your social life and filling your diary with lots of meetings with friends.

It is now April and Mars conjuncts with Saturn on and around the 2nd day of the month. At home you may be feel blocked, held up, inundated by extra demands by your partner or spouse. You may find that whatever you do, you won't be doing the right thing for them , and you feel totally unappreciated and irritated. You will have to be tolerant and not lose your cool to get through this moment of difficulty for you relationship, and remember that this situation will eventually pass.

On the 14th April Jupiter and Pluto make an opportunistic sextile and matters linked to events triggered by the first contact of these planets on 16th January may resurface. There is a chance to make amends to a partner or lover if they have been upset recently, be more open to partners and adapt more to their needs and desires, this is an aspect of compromise to others. There is one more connection of these planets when Jupiter is moving direct, active on and around 12th September. Mercury retrograde finishes a day later and you can get back on track at work, although today you may find things not really going to plan.

On the 26th April Mars and Pluto combine in Capricorn so obsession and jealousy could be your enemy if you let it overtake you, or you may be a victim in a power battle with your partner or lover. There is a lot of determination, physicality and sexual tension associated with this link up, and you may find that you will have to find a way to release this pressure point, either by giving each other some space or by tackling the situation in a frank and direct manner. This house is the one that rules people who are openly working against you, and a power battle between yourself and a rival could get pretty heated.


Overview – The Sun is in Taurus at the start of this month and Mercury picking up speed joins it in this sign on the 13th May. This is a good window of opportunity for networking and connecting with friends, colleagues to achieve your goals. Venus in Gemini will encourage you to seek some peace and seclusion before she moves into Cancer on the 18th May. Here she will make you a bit more vanity driven and definitely conscious of your appearance and how you are appearing to others. The Sun and Mercury enter Gemini on 21st and 29th respectively to bring a much more muted and quiet end to the month.

We enter May and on the 16th of this month Mars crosses over into the sign of Aquarius. Mars is starting to slow now as it closes in a retrograde period. For you with an Cancerian Ascendant it's transit will spotlight themes connected to anything shared, other people's values and possessions, debt, taxes, investments, power and control, secrets, sex and intimacy, death and inevitable change. Your biggest challenge with this position will be that of your personal will or your values pitted against those of others, connected into the themes I just mentioned. Be careful of how much you jointly spend with a partner, you can go off the rails if you aren't careful and try not to use sex or power as a weapon or a tool to get what you want, as your lover or adversary may be just as adept at playing the same game on you.

On the same day Mars will square Uranus which itself will have just moved into the sign of Taurus. In your case this tense aspect is likely to see disruption connected to your relationships or with people who oppose you. You may be irritated by your partner who may make unreasonable demands on you, as may someone who opposes you or advises you on a regular basis. There could also be stress in your work environment too, and a sudden cutting of ties with someone, change of role or duties leading to some disruption that you will have to get used to. This is also a decidedly difficult link up, so beware of mistakes and accident because of trying to do something to quickly without thinking. The other two dates where this aspect will be in operation will be around 2nd August and also 18th September 2018.

On 25th May Jupiter still in Scorpio makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, the second of three aspects (the first of these occurred on 3rd December 2017). This is a flexible easy water trine connecting both faith planets and your idealism, imagination and need to escape will rise at this time. On the positive side, this is a highly intuitive and creative phase, an openness to new ways of doing things will be helpful for all individual activities, linked to games, sports, art, design, photography, dance, music, beauty and crafts. This is also a great link up for deepening your faith, for creative learning or for getting your message or products out to as wide an audience as possible. The downside is that there is a possibility of taking a complacent attitude, especially in regard to love and lovers, and dealing with children. There is also a temptation to experiment with drugs and you if you are out socialising you make drink a little too heavily now. The temptation to escape will be very strong. There is one more connection of these planets after Jupiter turns direct on and around 19th August.


Overview – The need for seclusion continues into June and you may keep your thoughts and ideas very much to yourself with Sun/Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Cancer will make you more aware of what other people want. Mercury entering Cancer on 12th June will start to make you more chatty and in need of conversation just as Venus enters Leo on 13th. This boosts your need for self-worth, and in a material manner. It's time to to go out shopping and to stock on things that will make you feel good. The Sun follows into Cancer on the 20th at the Summer Solstice point. You will want to feel a bit more appreciated now as your self confidence starts to rise. Mercury enters Leo on 29th of the month.

As we reach June Mars starts to decrease in forward momentum and each day it becomes more powerful. On the 8th June it links up with the South Node of the Moon, a position of difficulty, prompting potential disappointments if you are starting any new project. Matters over a secret, monies owed, an enforced change, or a meeting with a man from the past might cause you concern. In terms of physical energy and motivation, you may be feeling less active and more lethargic. This, because of the impending retrograde motion of Mars is another one of these connections that will occur three times, the other two dates being on 20th July and 26th September.

Later in the month on 27th June Mars finally reaches a stop stationing retrograde. The time around this date sees Mars at it's most powerful, and you may be extra motivated to get moving and get ahead, however be careful that your selfishness isn't an impediment to making progress in whatever your aims are. You may be seen as trying to interfere, and this could be counter-productive for your hopes. From now until the end of August you may find that nothing will seem straightforward in any dealings with big business or corporations. People in positions of influence or partners may go back on an agreement or a secret revealed may open a can of worms in your life. This could be a time to action plans over financial repayments, or to relight a relationship with an old flame.


Overview – With Mercury and Venus in Leo you will want to sort out any business plans and your finances, it's also time to realise how much you are really worth to others. Venus enter Virgo on 10th July and you'll sense that you should connect with neighbours, your local community and any siblings that you have. Mercury is slowing again before going retro late in the month. The Sun enters Leo on 22nd July and this will become busier as more requests on your time occur. There may be more communications to respond to and documents to process. You may have to run more errands than normal.

Into July and there is a Solar Eclipse on 13th in your ascendant sign of Cancer. This eclipse is important for you personally and it may encourage you to change the image that you present to the world in some way, through the clothes you wear, or you may become much more “body conscious”. You might want a bit more independence to concentrate on your ideals and desires, and this may see a relationship changing in some regard, thus this eclipse will also make you much more aware of how you relate to others. In short, in the next six months these will be matters that come more into view in your life.

On the 27th July Mercury now in the sign Leo grinds to a halt and stations retrograde for three weeks. Because of this, you would be well advised to look carefully at your financial situation and what you really value in your life in the near future. You may consider if you actually need what you own and are these things you have really serving their purpose? If you are lacking in self worth, why is this and how can you address this situation? Payments could be delayed or there could be confusion over financial issues now, or you could actually get lucky and receive a windfall. Business deals could get murky and surrounded in confusion, so it would be best to tread carefully.

On the same day there is a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that will reinforce the changes and issues brought to the forefront by the Solar Eclipse of 15th February. This means you may be affected emotionally through situations connected to sexual partnerships, matter of manipulation, control, anything linked to big business or the ending of a relationship, indeed because this eclipse is in the early degrees of Aquarius, matters of partnerships and relationships may well be the main focus of this event, affecting you until the next eclipse season begins in early 2018.


Overview – Venus is in Virgo for the first few days of August prioritising communications before moving into the relationship sign of Libra. Your family ties and traditions are now important and you will want to have a more settled home life with those you love, or those you live with. Mercury is in Leo all month and you may be learning how to better deal with your finances and how you spend or save it. This position also may see you focused on earning more money too. The Sun moves into Virgo on 22nd August and strengthening your desire to concentrate on domestic matters.

As we move into August we get the second of the Mars square Uranus aspects on the 2nd (see May) and following on from that event, Uranus stations retrograde on the 8th August. This will be a difficult aspect just before a Solar Eclipse where literally anything unusual could occur around us. Watch out for relationship upsets both at home and at work. You might ask for more space or a bit more independence, or to be able to do your own thing for a while.

This occurs before Mars regresses back into Capricorn on 13th August. During it's regression into this sign you may reassess relations and partnership matters. Issues concerning people you used to have a relationship with may surface, or you may decide that you need advice from someone, such as a counsellor, a solicitor or someone in the legal professions. You may also have to confront someone who opposes you and find out why there is a difference of opinion. Maybe during this retrograde period you can come to some kind of agreement or truce.

As I mentioned, there is a second Solar Eclipse within a month again in the sign Leo on the 11th August. Matters surrounding money, finances, your income and how you earn money, your business, possessions, your values and self worth will be priorities for you at this moment and situations and changes in your life linked to them will be more important for you throughout the rest of 2018.
The 19th August finds Jupiter making it's third and final trine to Neptune and I refer you back to May when this aspect first surfaced. The 27th August sees Mars stationing direct and we may redouble our efforts to settle any relationship matters. This moment may feel a weight finally off your shoulders, and finally you'll be able to hit the reset button and look forward again.


Overview – The month begins with all three inner bodies in different signs, however from the 6th Mercury enters Virgo and you will start to focus on contacting people who you need to speak to, dealing with contracts, documents and local matters. You are more communicative now, and with Venus in Scorpio from 9th September onwards for quite a while, more decisive how you want to spend your free time. You will want to create and be entertained, spend time with people you love and with children too. Mercury and the Sun enter Libra on 22nd and 23rd September respectively putting more of an emphasis on your home life, matters to do with property, family and making sure that your home is indeed your sanctuary.

After this testing August, we move into September and Mars re-enters the sign of Aquarius on the 11th of the month. Now any problems in late June, July and August will start to be sorted out and finally you will understand the reasoning for why things happened as they did, leading to this moment. A day later on the 12th Jupiter forms it's third and final sextile to Pluto, and aspect that we last saw on 14th April. Please refer back to this date for more information on how this will affect you. Mars makes it's final square to Uranus on the 18th September (first seen on 16th May) and powering forward now it connects with the South Node of the Moon for a final time on 21st September – please look back to 8th June when this aspect first appeared.


Overview – Venus remains in Scorpio as she slows down and Mercury joins her in this sign on 10th October. Mercury in this sign is in a jocular mood and the trickster planet may see you in a mood for practical jokes and for enjoying yourself. Anything that tests your mental capacity from quizzes to games will be appreciated. The Sun makes a threesome in Scorpio on 23rd October. You will be fully focused on being individualistic and the life and soul of the party. Matters of surrounding love and children may have their “dramatic” moments, however looming in the near future is Venus retrograde. Venus moves back into Libra on 31st October.

The month of October unusually sees no major planetary aspects at all, but there is one major event as on 6th October Venus slows to a halt now in the sign of Scorpio and begins a 42 day period of retrograde motion. As you will have gathered from earlier on in this guide, Scorpio covers the part of your life linked to your creative talents, love and lovers, hobbies, out of work activities, sport and entertainments, risk, individualism and children. All these parts of your life will be under review and some of these may be changed if you think they are of no use to you any more. You will be considering your love life needs and how it may be improved, maybe you will encounter former partners who suddenly reappear? You may be reassessing your spare time activities or you might start a new hobby or sporting activity? You may have to revisit a matter connected to children. One rule of thumb during Venus retrograde. It's not a good idea to begin a brand new relationship or make important decisions connected to money. Try and resist the urge until Venus moves direct again, even if the situations appears suitable.


Overview – This month is very much as you were from October, with Venus in retrograde and Mercury in Sagittarius all month slowing and preparing to enter its own new retrograde cycle. It's almost as if you are putting things on hold in November before you can start to progress forward again. Venus retrograde in Libra is making us think more carefully about the relationships at home with family and those we live with, out traditions and personal security whereas Mercury retrograde is assessing your life away from work. The Sun enters Sagittarius on 22nd November and this brings a more practical and realistic approach to things as the holiday season is approaches.

As we move into November, so Venus changes signs back into Libra and this makes you consider your home life. Some truths may come out now how you relate to your family or house mates and through this and you will be making decisions how to improve your relationship with them. There could be an issue connected to the building that you live in or with a landlord that is under review, or you may decide that you need to effect some changes at home, such as redecoration or starting DIY projects. How you relate to your mother or women in general may also be matters on your mind. A time to make an adjustment in this regard may come as Jupiter makes a 150 degree quincunx to Uranus on 8th of the month, so changing your approach to things in a more innovative and open way may allow you to feel better about these relationships or situations.

The 8th of November is a significant day as Jupiter changes signs moving into it's home sign of Sagittarius. This is the most expansive and optimistic of all the planetary combinations and now there is an openness that was not so present while Jupiter was moving Jupiter in Scorpio. For you, Jupiter enters your house of work, routine, health and service, and this will encourage you to get on with the more menial tasks in life with gusto and enthusiasm in the next 12 or so months. If you are looking for new work, this position could see you finding exactly what you are looking for in the months ahead, expanding your career prospects, or it might mean you mixing more with colleagues from different cultures and countries. You health is generally robust during this transit, however, and either you will have an enthusiastic approach to health and fitness, or because you are feeling good, you won't bother about it at all.

At the same time Uranus still moving retrograde dips back into the sign of Aries for one last time and a week later on the 15th November Mars makes a positive sextile to it. Here we have opportunities to innovate at work or suggest new ideas and ways of doing things or you may be more involved in the technical and planning side of your work now. There is a chance to interact with the general public and social and or political activities may interest you. People who who radical or revolutionary ideas may inspire now.

On the 15th November Mars changes signs into elusive Pisces. Mars will remain in this sign for the rest of the year and here in the house of learning and knowledge. As a result, you may think about starting new educational courses or taking up some extra training. This is the house of international contacts, of culture and of travel and you might travel abroad now, learn a language or want to understand how people from other parts of the world live their lives. This is a house of intellect, knowledge and faith the assertive side of Mars will want to fight for what it thinks is right. You may be rather active in trying to push out your views to others rather than being receptive to their ideas and opinions. Legal situations come under this part of the chart, and although you may be in a mood to fight for your legal rights, there could be a temptation to act too hastily in this.

There is an interesting connection on the 16th November with Mars square to Jupiter. This is a very enthusiastic aspect that will light a flame within you to learn something new, to travel or to take some kind of chance. Make sure you understand the full extent of what you are getting into before you act as these planets can make you over-extend your reach and promise too much. Also on this day Venus stations direct in your house of family and your home, so you can start to look forward in terms of your domestic situation.

There are a lot of changes of planetary direction and signs, and things may be a little confusing. Adding into the mix, Mercury is slowing to a halt in Sagittarius exactly square to elusive and confusing Neptune before turning retrograde two days later on the 18th November. It is a time to review what you believe in, what you know and what you think the future may hold for you, and you should be careful what you believe from bosses and work colleagues. Mistakes can be made with these two planets in a square relationship and I would totally hold off making any of decision of any importance, or signing any agreement for a few days at least. If you are not feeling great make sure you get your health checked out, as you may be rather liable to feeling drained or coming down with some illness.

On the 27th November Mars making a constructive sextile to Saturn will allow you to build on your relationships and also it may help you in any studies, with international contact and making them successful or in building a stronger relationship between yourself and your partner's family. This is an aspect that benefits you if you can work on your own now away from others. Any studies or knowledge based activities started at this time may have some longevity about it, and although your progress will be slow it will likely benefit you in the long run.


Overview – The Sun is leading the way at the beginning of this month in Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus finishing their retrograde periods. The Sun is making sure that you don't slack off with any work before the festive season begins. A sense of fun and excitement grows as on the 2nd December Venus re-enters Scorpio. Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 12th December bringing an organisational vibe to your thinking. Your will be making sure that you dot the “Is” and cross the “Ts” now. Your sense of duty is high, as is your desire to help others at this time of year. The Sun enters Capricorn on 21st December, heralding the Winter Solstice.

We enter December and Mercury moves back briefly into Scorpio for 4 days on 2nd December before stationing direct on the 6th of this month, ending it's last retrograde of the year. Mercury at a station in Scorpio will give you an ultimatum or choice in regard to your love life, to children and in how to spend your free time, based on the evidence you have gathered in the previous few weeks of retrograde review. We may now either choose to go forward with a planned course of action or we may decide that it's no longer worth pursuing these avenues.

Mars connects in a conjunction with Neptune just one day later on the 7th of the month. This aspect is one of imagination and charisma, but also ones of potential deception and illusion. Be careful in publishing anything now as the details may not be correct. There is a tendency to preach and push your beliefs too much to those who may not be interested. You may have a dream to travel now to understand new cultures and ways of living. A misunderstanding between yourself and your partner's relatives or who does what may sour your relationship with them.

There is one last aspect to concentrate our minds this year and this occurs on 17th December with Mars forming a sextile to Pluto. Here is a chance to concentrate your efforts, effect needed changes and to make constructive and binding progress, especially in regard to your relationships and partnerships. You will be very determined and quietly persuasive to your partner, and this may be a chance to get your way over a course of action. You can transform the atmosphere between yourself and your partner for the better before Christmas and the New Year arrives.

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