Astrology by Paul Saunders : Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela passes away

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hugo Chavez the President of Venezuela passes away

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In Venezuela, it has been announced that Hugo Chavez  has lost his fight for his life as he battled cancer, a condition he has endured for the last couple of years. This announcement came after he suffered a major setback in his condition today. He had only recently been re-elected as president for a 4th time on 10th January but in the past few months he had rarely been seen in public as he fought his illness.

VenezuelaIndependence transits

On any natal chart it is very difficult indeed to pinpoint death, as it could be a pleasant experience, a relief from pain. I find it much easier to look at an associate chart connected to the subject, like a relative or in this case the country where he is leader.

Looking at the Venezuela independence chart from 1811 (5/7/1811 - 08.20 Caracas) the transiting South Node, a point of destiny and detriment is just about to hit the Venezuelan Midheaven, representing the leader. Transiting Pluto was now just 1 degree from opposing the Venezuelan natal Sun at 12 Cancer, the planet which rules this Venezuelan chart. The Sun of course is also a sign of the man at the top. Transiting Saturn was making a trine to Saturn, although now retrograde, so this was indicating a focus on the leadership, maybe a smooth transition of power. On the other side of the chart, the stellium of planets in Pisces were also making a trine to the Sun including the Venus Chiron conjunction I mentioned earlier today. I see this as facilitating some healing at the top of Venezuelan society. Tears may be shed by the people now from this emotional aspect as he passes away, however for him it would have provided a relief of the pain and suffering that he must be enduring. That stellium was heading for Aries and the Venezuelan 8th house of death, enforced change and national mourning.

Venezuela transits

There is a second Venezuelan chart in existence set for 22nd September 1830 when sovereignty was finally achieved by Venezuela. This sees transiting Jupiter which rules the Midheaven about to reach the nadir of the chart, a place of “endings”. Jupiter is also square the nodal axis, the axis of destiny on the chart. Pluto is square it’s natal position and Uranus is just about to hit natal Pluto, breathing new life into the power structure of the country. That Venus Chiron conjunction on this chart is sitting bang on the Venezuelan South Node and the chart ruler Neptune is just about to hit the Ascendant, signalling the end of a period of suffering and the start of a new era just about to begin. 

Whichever way you look at these two charts, one got the feeling that change was just around the corner in this South American country. I suspect that a new set of leaders will be now preparing to take over as Hugo Chavez's successor.


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  1. good bye big in peace...u did the best u think in your country and many will appreciated.