Astrology by Paul Saunders : United Kingdom – More cracks appearing in the coalition government.

Monday, 6 August 2012

United Kingdom – More cracks appearing in the coalition government.

cameron clegg

The news dominating the the UK may be about the Olympics, but had this celebration of sport was not going on, then Nick Clegg’s announcement that his own House of Lords reform bill was “dead in the water and that the Conservatives had broken the coalition contract” would sound alarm bells ringing in the UK media and in the government parties. This is the one piece of legislation that the Liberal Democrats, partners to David Cameron’s Conservative party, have been pinning their hopes on to prove their worth. Now it will not happen, what is left for the Liberals to achieve? Will the disgust of the rank and file members of the Liberal Democrats put severe pressure on Nick Clegg to pull away for the coalition agreement, or ask him to derail future Conservative proposals threatening the viability of the partnership? The astrology shows the government are now in a very tricky spot.

ConLibgovernment transits

Above is a comparison between the planets today and the formation of the Conservative/Liberal coalition. Transiting Saturn is now opposing the coalition Moon, so there are emotional problems and blockages with one side showing it’s strength and dominance over the other. Saturn is also making a nasty inconjunct to the coalition Sun. Inconjunct aspects show irritation that someone or something has authority over you and there is little you can do about it to change what is going on, and the Liberal Democrat leader has certainly been showing that he has little or no power to turn around the situation facing him.

Transiting Mercury is almost at a stop before moving direct and it is turning square to the coalition Mercury from the 9th house, so a difference in messages and the ethos of the two parties is being highlighted. Mars is making a trine to Venus, the relationship planet in the 8th house of sharing, the anger from Nick Clegg today was clear and palpable and because of the trine able to flow out and be expressed. Transiting Venus also in that 8th house is square to Saturn, so that relationship is being very strained indeed.

It is also very telling that the transiting Nodes is now square to the coalition Neptune the planet of disintegration and of deception. The truth of this relationship is now being revealed, and with transiting Neptune opposing the Midheaven, this is a slow wearing down process that the coalition government will probably not survive. If the astrology is correct, then it is unlikely that the government will see out a full term through until 2015, something I have been saying for a long time here on Solaris Astrology.  As Neptune makes an exact opposition to the Midheaven at 5 Virgo when it itself reaches 5 Pisces, then I expect it to completely explode, and for election fever to again grip the UK.  

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