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Paul Saunders - Professional Astrologer from Staines upon Thames in England

Hi there, my name is Paul Saunders and I come from a small town to the west of London in the UK. I started to become interested in Astrology around 20 years ago, after reading one of those "Your Year Ahead" supplements in a well known Sunday newspaper. After one year being quite accurate in the predictions and the next year being absolute rubbish, I decided to buy a book and find out why the "Astrologer" wrote what she had wrote (I've always been inquisitive)?

The first book I bought was Parker's Astrology (by Derek & Julia Parker). It is a wonderful book for starters of the subject, and still readily available today. I still refer to it to this day. This was the time before computers, so I had to make all the charts out by hand. In the past few years, all that I learnt has started to make more sense; I guess Astrology is a subject you only really start to appreciate as you gain in age and maturity.

All the articles I write come from what I see on the astrology charts. I am not one of these sweetness and light Astrologers, I tell the truth as I see it. This is a serious subject and the Astrologer has an awesome responsibility placed on his or her shoulders, as one is dealing directly with people's lives and livelihoods. I try to double check details as much as I can to make sure all my articles and reports are as accurate as possible.

I launched Solaris Astrology back in on 16th February 2011 when there was a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius. Since that first day, I have had so many wonderful comments and e-mails about my work and articles (see below), and I have acquired a some high profile clients, including CEO's of companies. Confidentiality will always be my watchword should you decide to consult with me.  

This blog I hope will encourage more people to gain an interest in how the "forgotten social science", the subject and application of Astrology is relevant to today's world, looking at the lessons of the past, the reasons for what is happening in the present, and guiding the life path for the future.

If you are looking for an answer to a question, look up, as all the answers are there for you to read, if only you care to look for them.

The Chart for the launch of Solaris Astrology

Testimonials and Comments

Re: Michael D Higgins Article :-

Dear Paul,
Congratulations on a fantastic article on Michael D., you describe him perfectly (he lectured me in College in Sociology & we are Neighbours). Everything from your description of Galway and him is spot on.

John Henry Bourke, Ireland -12th Nov 11

Wow. This was amazing and I completely understand why you took your time. I need time to process everything and I will get back to you with any questions. There is A LOT to absorb and I can say with confidence that 95% of what you said hit spot on.

Camille, Miami - 10th Oct 11

Hi Paul!!! You are amazing!!! Thank you!! U rock!

Katrina, Florida - 26th Oct 11
Thank you VERY much for the report! I realize I was asking a great deal more than just the eclipse overview and what you sent me was greatly appreciated... I will MOST CERTAINLY spread the word about your services and blog. I read a great deal of them across the web, however, yours have struck me as extraordinarily intuitive (especially regarding the ones who’ve done on writers) and exceptionally easy to read and relate to.

Wendy, Midwest, USA - 24th Oct 11
"Thank you SO much for the detailed and insightful report about the effects of the upcoming eclipse. I continue to be marveled by your keen ability to pinpoint the possible outcomes and you do it with a directness that is greatly appreciated."

Wendy, Midwest, USA - 10th May 12

I don’t know if there are any words that can truly describe how profound this read is……it completely took my breathe away and resonated with me on so many deep levels. You were so accurate on everything and it truly was as if you were revealing and exploring my complete soul in a way that had never been done in my entire life. While reading it, it brought about extreme emotion and brought me to tears – in such a good way!! It was as if I got a complete internal look at my soul in such a way that I never had before. It was so very enlightening…..and has truly been the most amazing gift I have ever been given in my lifetime.

Clif, Texas - 30th Nov 11

Paul, your natural writing style which is so unlike boring astrological text books makes reading so relaxing and whatever you have to say becomes an interesting conversation with the mind. Erase the "amateur" word out of your mind and instill highly recommended astrologer. I am your reference. Who am I ? CEO of my husbands international company here in Taiwan. The astrologers I used in the past left me feeling somewhat cheated. I never ever expected a reading from you, let alone so accurate in your own time without asking for a penny on someone you never even met. Paul you have earned my respect and admiration. May this kind deed return to you 10 fold $$$$$$$

Savannah, Taiwan - 30th July 11

Dear Paul
I have been reading your blog Solaris Astrology for some weeks now and I enjoy the reading more and more. Thank you very much for your clever thoughts and the beautiful pictures.

Nicola Herbort
Astrologische Gedanken: - 22nd Aug 11
Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your valuable insight! I am very pleased with my report and the manner in which you explain and relate all transits. I've always had a keen interest in astrology and am studying it right now, so I can relate very well to everything you said in the report.
Carolina, Ireland - 7th Nov 11
@solarisastro best astro blogger ever!!

Posted by @enidlaurie via Twitter - 11th Jan 12